Fly-By-Night League Computer Game Info and Help

Assembled on this page is information about the computer game league file, some computer game help and hints, and our league computer game injury adjustment.

This league file is normally distributed via email to the entire league before the start of the season. The league does not maintain the file during the season. Each manager must make the trades necessary to keep the league up to date. You may keep stats in the computer game or you may keep your stats outside of the computer game, your choice. If you have a computer issue and need a new version of the league file contact the league officials and one will be sent to you. You must use the league file for any Fly-By-Night league games.

Here is a copy of the 2024 League file. Do not open it from this website. Save a copy to your computer and follow the computer loading instructions. The download may or may not work as it is sometimes modified by the websites. If you can not get it to run email a league official and a copy of the file will be emailed to you.

....The 2024 FBN League file updated 3-4-2024 .

FBN league rules are preset. We are using "MLB rules 2023 and beyond". This should be set automatically with the league download but make sure you do not change it.

Help and Hints about Computer Game

Help with loading the computer game

Our League rule for injuries in the computer game

Help on some Computer game error messages

Help on how to find stats on your computer after a netplay series.