Fly-By-Night Draft Day 2005 Photos

Draft day 2005 in Rob's Norwich Connecticut office. The link has the identification of the members in the photo. The identifications for all photos are from left to right.

Dominick Statile

Bob Figella

Rob Bruno

Ed Griffin and Dave Gineo

Bruce Fogg, Bob Figella & Bud Drapeau

Bob Mendez, Mike Gerack, Bruce Fogg, & Frank Simonutti

Bill Nieman, Bud Drapeau, Ed Griffin, Joe Rutka, & Dom Statile

Bruce Fogg and Bill Nieman

Joe Rutka and Dave Gineo

Frank Simonutti, Barry Shanks, Rich Hamel, Roland Klee, & Mike Gerack

Barry Shanks and Mike Gerack