Fly-By-Night Draft Day 1996 Photos

Draft day 1996 in Rob's Norwich Connecticut office. The link has the identification of the members in the photo. The identifications for all photos are from left to right.

League Awards

League Awards

Group Photo

Group Photo with ID's

Mike Gerack, Rob Bruno, Bob Figella & Dave Gineo

Rob Bruno

Roland Klee and Mike Gerack

Frank Simonutti and Jeff Merklin

Bob Figella, Dave Gineo, Roland Klee, Glen Boucher, Jeff Merklin & Frank Simonutti

Mike Gerack

Bob Figella, Bob Mendez, Ed Griffin, Dave Gineo, Rich Hamel, Glen Boucher, Roland Klee, Jeff Merklin, & Bill Nieman

Jack Brajak

Rich Hamel and Bob Mendez