Sound Clip Library

Well I've just about exhausted the audio clips that I can upload onto the website. Almost all the sound bits left are too large for uploading. So unless I can find some other sound clips in the future I will be retiring this segment. I will like to end the segment with my two favorite clips.
Click here to play "Bases on Balls" by Honkey Tonk Confidential.... I love this clip, so true, so true.
Click here to play Ernie Harwell's "Definition of Baseball" .... This was the first sound clip in this segment and it inspired me to do the sound clips. He really captures the meaning of baseball.

In the near future you will see a new segment taking the audio segments place. Stay tuned for further details.

Click here to play the 4/13/14 sound clip.... "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" again. This time from a professional baseball player, Bernie Williams. I bet many of you did not know he is an accomplished guitar player. I kind of like this version. I think it would make nice background music to a video montage or something.

Click here to play the 4/6/14 sound clip.... Bill Veeck always thought about entertainment. He thought of how could he make the fans experience better. Not many owners work on the entertainment factor like Veeck did. Here's Lou Boudreau and Harry Caray speaking about Veeck

Click here to play the 3/30/14 sound clip.... Here's a song by Tracy Adkins. A baseball song, or is it about something else?

Click here to play the 3/23/14 sound clip.... A new season is here. Everyone's a contender or at least you have to believe they are at this point. You gotta believe! Tug McGraw's famous saying. Here's Tug telling the origin of his famous line.

Click here to play the 3/16/14 sound clip.... Here's a baseball song I never heard before. "More Like A Religion" sung by Willie McCulloch. He's sung a few baseball songs. He must be a great fan.

Click here to play the 3/9/14 sound clip.... "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" again. This time played on a mandolin. What, a mandolin? Yes and it actually sounds decent.

Click here to play the 3/2/14 sound clip.... Big Ted Kluszewski, a White Sox star(?) from the late 50's. He was a home run hitter before the steroid era that many of us have heard very little about. Here is a clip of one of his career highlights, 2 homers in the 1959 World Series.

Click here to play the 2/23/14 sound clip.... Take me out to the Ballgame has been done by some many singers. I haven't had it on the website in a while and thought it might be a good time to play another version. Here is Carly Simon doing a smooth and easy interpretation.

Click here to play the 2/16/14 sound clip.... I've been saving this one for an appropriate time. NPR did a segment on Strat-O-Matic back in 2005. With opening day just pasted and just before the draft I thought this might be a good time for this sound clip. Enjoy

Click here to play the 2/9/14 sound clip.... When the original Yankee Stadium closed the Yankees held ceremonies before the last game. They had to do something, they were tearing down the house that Ruth built! Bob Sheppard recorded a nice segment. Derek Jeter also recited a nice piece. Click here to play the Derek Jeter segment..... Finally, here is the final Yankee lineup as announced by Bob Sheppard. Click here to play the final lineup....

Click here to play the 2/3/14 sound clip.... Sometimes you hear something that just makes you smile. Don Sutton's hall of fame speech did that for me. Didn't we all play in the back yard with these guys. A nice speech worth listening too.

Click here to play the 1/26/14 sound clip.... We can't get enough of Harry Caray, the immortal Cubs announcer. He used to like an ice cold Bud and was so entertaining. Comedian Will Ferrell was also a big Harry Caray fan. He is Will doing a Harry Caray impression.

Click here to play the 1/19/14 sound clip.... Bob Dylan, Catfish Hunter, a couple of unique characters. It only seems appropriate then that Dylan sings a song about Catfish. Its a short clip but neat stuff.

Click here to play the 1/12/14 sound clip.... As the A-Rod news fills the airways we look back at another black mark on baseball, the George Steinbrenner suspension. Steinbrenner was suspended for for trying to mess with Dave Winfield. He hired Howard Spira to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield, Mr. May per Steinbrenner and paid him over 3 years trying to come up with something against Winfield. Fay Vincent suspended Steinbrenner for life when the news surfaced but the suspension was shorten a couple of years later.

Click here to play the 1/5/14 sound clip.... Eric Nadel has been the play by play announcer for the Texas Rangers for over 30 years. That kind of tenure used to be common but today that is unique. Nadel is in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and has been nominated for the Ford Frick award. He doesn't have a household name in the northeast but in Texas he rules. Here is an interview with him.

Click here to play the 12/29/13 sound clip.... During Roger Maris' 1961 home run record run the fans really turned against him. At the same time they turned their love to Mickey Mantle. Here is a piece with Mantle talking about the love hate relationship with the fans.

Click here to play the 12/22/13 sound clip.... Here's a little clip with Ralph Kiner talking about Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak.

Click here to play the 12/15/13 sound clip.... Probably the greatest baseball announcer of all time, Vin Scully. Can you believe he is still broadcasting! What a career. He is a segment of some highlights selected by Vin Scully himself.

Click here to play the 12/8/13 sound clip.... I found a nice radio interview of 2 of the World Series all time greatest, Reggie Jackson and Bob Gibson. They were promoting a book that they wrote together. Its a nice piece.

Click here to play the 12/1/13 sound clip.... Going from one extreme to the other. From the sleeziness of A-Rod to the dignity of the Galarraga perfect (almost) game. Here is a NPR report of the near perfect game. Armando Galarraga and umpire Jim Joyce showed so much class after this incident it brought some faith back to the game.

Click here to play the 11/24/13 sound clip.... With the A-Rod arbitration hearings ending I thought this was a good time to play a clip about the one of the most talked about rulings in recent years, Pete Rose being banned from Baseball. There is still plenty of discussion about the Rose ban. What's going to happen to A-Rod? Is it just a vendetta against him or is he as sleezey as MLB portraits. Only time will tell.

Click here to play the 11/17/13 sound clip.... As we all start to look at prospects for next year we all wish we could draft a guy like Cal Ripken. Good D at shortstop, offense, and plays every day. Here is Cal Ripken's speech made after he broke Lou Gehrigs streak.

Click here to play the 11/10/13 sound clip.... With the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series I had to get something Red Sox related for the sound bite. Here is Red Sox star Jim Rice Hall of Fame induction speech. Enjoy.

Click here to play the 11/3/13 sound clip.... George Foster of Cincinnati Reds "Big Red Machine" fame rarely speaks to the media. His nickname was quiet George. Here is a long radio interview he gave promoting youth baseball. He also talks about the Big Red Machine and steroids. An interesting interview.

Click here to play the 10/27/13 sound clip.... World Series time. Red Sox and Cardinals are a great matchup. Do you remember the San Francisco-Oakland World Series. The "Earth Quake" series in 1989. The series was delayed about a week while the stadiums were repaired. Gotta love California. Here is a sound clip taken during the earthquake.

Click here to play the 10/20/13 sound clip.... Call Rikpen had a remarkable career. On top of everything else he even hit a home run in his last all-star game appearance. Here is that clip.

Click here to play the 10/13/13 sound clip.... Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer of all time was basically a one pitch pitcher, throwing a wicked cutter. Before Rivera reigned Bruce Sutter, also a one pitch pitcher, throwing a devastating split finger. Pitching for the Cubs, St. Louis and Atlanta Sutter was the man for 12 seasons. WGN had a nice radio interview with Sutter during a tribute day in Chicago.

Click here to play the 10/6/13 sound clip.... With the conclusion of the MLB season we say a few greats retire, Mariano Rivera, Todd Helton, and Andy Pettitte. I found a clip of another great retiring. Number 7 Mickey Mantle. Here's his retirement speech.

Click here to play the 9/29/13 sound clip.... I couldn't finish the television theme without a clip for Howard Cosell. He was not a huge baseball guy but he did do ABC's Monday night baseball. His daily radio show was a sports classic. Here is the intro to his show.

Click here to play the 9/22/13 sound clip.... TBS covers baseball in the post season. This gives the networks a way to show more than one series at a time. Nothing special about their coverage but it is nice that multiple games are available. Here is the TBS baseball theme.

Click here to play the 9/15/13 sound clip.... Fox is the latest to cover MLB during the season. They try to duplicate football coverage but overall its not too bad. Here is their theme.

Click here to play the 9/8/13 sound clip.... In my opinion, nothing changed the coverage of baseball more than ESPN. When ESPN started their baseball coverage we suddenly got extensive daily baseball highlights. Nothing compared to Baseball Tonight on ESPN. Here's the theme song that everyone knows. Sadly, the ESPN baseball coverage scales back in the fall when they pick up football, shame on you ESPN.

Click here to play the 9/1/13 sound clip.... Continuing the baseball on TV theme here is CBS's turn. This was the theme song for CBS' Baseball coverage from 1990-1993.

Click here to play the 8/25/13 sound clip.... We're on a baseball on TV theme now. We've had This Week In Baseball, The Baseball Bunch, and the NBC Game of the Week intro. Now we move onto ABC's Monday Night Baseball. ABC was trying to cash in on the Monday Night Football craze for a while and they broadcast a Monday night baseball game for a few years. This is from 1979. Enjoy

Click here to play the 8/18/13 sound clip.... Most of us grew up watching baseball on the NBC Game of the Week. Before the cable TV revolution other than our local team it was the only way to see games from outside our area. I remember watching those games on Saturday afternoon. Now you can see games from just about anywhere at anytime, what a change.

Click here to play the 8/11/13 sound clip.... Remember the Baseball Bunch? The show was produced by MLB from 1982-1985 and ran on Saturday mornings. For those that donít remember, the Baseball Bunch was a campy program that featured hall of fame catcher Johnny Bench, the San Diego Chicken, a group of young kids and the Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda as a wizard that answered baseball questions. The show was meant to get kids fired up about baseball. Not sure if it worked but it is now in baseball lore.

Click here to play the 8/4/13 sound clip.... This Week In Baseball was a classic. No longer broadcast this television show had been around for many years. I used to love getting my baseball fix before the days of ESPN and the Internet. Unfortunately I could not get a version with Mel Allen doing the intro. I think it may be copy righted. Here is another version, entirely instrumental. Click here to play the instrumental version.... The theme song brings back many nice memories. The show also had a nice closing. Here's the closing song Click here to play the ending to This Week in Baseball.... How about that!

Click here to play the 7/28/13 sound clip.... Detroit Tiger legendary announcer Ernie Harwell has seen it all. The Hall of Fame announcer gave a long (22 minute) interview on WGN in Chicago discussing his 60 years in baseball. Here it is.

Click here to play the 7/21/13 sound clip.... There has been a lot of stuff written and recorded about Casey Stengel. Here is an interview of Ron Swoboda concerning Casey.

Click here to play the 7/14/13 sound clip.... Opening day, 1964, Here is the opening day lineup of the Houston Colts. Some great names in the lineup.

Click here to play the 7/7/13 sound clip.... Well I've run out of MLB fight songs that I could find. But that doesn't mean I'm through. Here is one from Japan. The Fukuoka Soft Bank Hawks fight song. You never know what you can find on the internet.

Click here to play the 6/30/13 sound clip.... St. Louis Cardinal time. "All Hail to the Fighting Cardinals".

Click here to play the 6/23/13 sound clip.... During the glory years of baseball big stars would sing about their favorite teams. Here, Danny Kaye, a Dodger fan sings about a Dodger - Giants game. Nice stuff.

Click here to play the 6/16/13 sound clip.... The Detroit Tigers theme song. "Go Get Um Tigers".

Click here to play the 6/9/13 sound clip.... The Chicago Cubs have been around for over 100 years. I think their theme song might be the same age. Here is the Cubs theme song, "Hey Hey Holy Mackarel".

Click here to play the 6/2/13 sound clip.... Philadelphia Phillies. They have been around for a long time. You would think that their theme song would be pretty decent. Well, in my opinion this theme sounds like it could be from a little league game. You never know what you'll you are going to find when searching for these songs.

Click here to play the 5/26/13 sound clip.... This might be the newest baseball team theme song. The Washington Nationals theme.

Click here to play the 5/19/13 sound clip.... 1969, Seattle Washington. The Seattle Pilots one and only season. In 1970 they moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers. Here is the Seattle Pilot theme song. I bet you never thought you would here this again, or possibly ever.

Click here to play the 5/12/13 sound clip.... The Yankees, with their long storied history and being in the media hub of New York have an overwhelming presence in the available sound clips. Here is another Yankee team song, "Here Come The Yankees".

Click here to play the 5/5/13 sound clip.... Terry Cashman does it again. Here is the classic "Talkin' Baseball", Giants edition.

Click here to play the 4/28/13 sound clip.... Flash back to the 1980's. Here's Milwakuee Brewer Fever, 1980's vintage.

Click here to play the 4/21/13 sound clip.... With all that has gone on in Boston this week I had to find something Boston oriented for this weeks song. I'm also in the team song mode so I had to put the two together. I already had the Red Sox fight song and Talkin' Baseball Red Sox version. What was left, how about the "Red Sox Polka". This is the only baseball polka I could find. Stay strong Boston.

Click here to play the 4/14/13 sound clip.... For those of us who watched a lot of TBS in the 1990's this one will be familar. The Atlanta Braves Tomahawk Chop music. This accompanied many Braves rallies during their glory years.

Click here to play the 4/7/13 sound clip.... The South side of Chicago, Whitesox time. "Go Go Whitesox", the Whitesox fight song. For a team that has been around forever you don't hear a lot about the Whitesox. I guess the Cubs really do dominate Chicago town.

Click here to play the 3/31/13 sound clip.... The Houston Astro's have struggled for quite a long time. They did have a few nice playoff runs but in general they have struggled. In my opinion their fight song might be the reason, pretty lame. There must be a better song out there.

Click here to play the 3/24/13 sound clip.... The Detroit Tigers have a long history with many highlights. There are not a lot of sound bites involving the Tigers though. Here is one. Terry Cashman's great "Talkin Baseball" Detroit Tiger edition. Enjoy.

Click here to play the 3/17/13 sound clip.... Chicago Cubs time. Here's an oldie, The Andrews Sisters singing "Come On Cubs Play Ball". You would think there would be a more modern song and there is. "Go Cubs Go". I don't have the artist for this one but its certainly more recent than the Andrews Sisters. Click here to play "Go Cubs Go"....

Click here to play the 3/10/13 sound clip.... Pittsburg Pirates. Lots of history, lots of stars. Here are a couple Pirate songs. Leading off is the "Lets Go Bucs" song. Following up is the Pirate edition of Terry Cashmans "Talkin Baseball". Click here to play "Talkin Baseball" Priates edition....

Click here to play the 3/3/13 sound clip.... The oldest team in MLB, the Cincinati Reds. Here is the Reds fight song.

Click here to play the 2/24/13 sound clip.... Terry Cashman's classic, Talkin Baseball, Minnesota Twins edition. The Twins are also know for their Homer Hankies during their 80's and 90's playoff runs. Here is a tribute to that cultural wave. Click here to paly the Homer Hanky Song....

Click here to play the 2/17/13 sound clip.... Here is the original 1962 version. Meet the Mets, the New York Mets theme song. The song has changed slightly over the years. Here is another version from 1984 Click here to play the 1984 version.... Step right up and greet the Mets.

Click here to play the 2/10/13 sound clip.... Okay Toronto Blue Jays lets play ball. The Toronto Blue Jay song.

Click here to play the 2/3/13 sound clip.... Here we go with the Baltimore Orioles "Talking Baseball version. I love the way Terry Cashman adapted this to so many teams.

Click here to play the 1/27/13 sound clip.... We're going to start a series of team fight/theme songs. I have a bunch of them. First up, a team no longer in existence, the Houston Colts.

Click here to play the 1/20/13 sound clip.... I had some stuff all picked out for this week but yesterday we found out that we lost two baseball greats, Earl Weaver and Stan Musial. I've covered Weaver's tirades in the past and that's all I could find today so Earl, here's hoping you win all the arguments where ever you are. Stan "the Man" Musial, one of the best hitters of all time. Here's a clip of Harry Caray calling Musial's 3000th hit. One legend calling another legends historic achievement. Stan, let hope you always face hitters counts in the future.

Click here to play the 1/13/13 sound clip.... Biased voting for The Hall of Fame has reared its head again this year with a great potential class but no one voted in. This year its all about steroids. A while back it was Negro players and Latino's. Orlando Cepeda thought enough about it to make it a point. Here's is his sound clip.

Click here to play the 1/1/13 sound clip.... I hope everyone had a great holiday season. This year we start our sound clips with a little bit from a pitcher we all wish we could have today. The great Bob Gibson. 1971 versus the Pittsburgh Pirates Gibson threw his first no hitter. Gibson was pure dominance and a work horse to boot. Nobody pitches 300 innings or has 300 strike outs any more. Well, we can always dream of drafting the next Gibson.

Click here to play the 12/16/12 sound clip.... 1976, Mark "The Bird" Fidrych takes baseball by storm. There had never been anything like him and hasn't been since. He was a genuine character. He could also pitch, pitch real well. Unfortunately he got hurt the next spring training and was never the same. Think about that when you're contemplating your next draft choice. Pitchers are fragile. Fidrych died in 2009 at the age of 54 in a farm accident. NPR did a nice tribute to him. It really captured the life of "The Bird". Click here to play the NPR Fidrych tribute....

Click here to play the 12/9/12 sound clip.... We heard Jim Bouton last week. He's got a lot of good stuff out there. The famed author of "Ball Four" give a great interview. Here is his thoughts about being on the 69 Seattle Pilots, their first year. He also share a bunch of other baseball memories. Good stuff.

Click here to play the 12/2/12 sound clip.... The Baseball Hall of Fame ballot is out with a lot of "steroid guy" on it. Do this guys belong in the Hall or not? I found a radio interview of "Ball Four" author Jim Bouton by Ed Randall on WFAN radio. Jim offers quite a bit of insight. Kind of makes you want to read his book again.

Click here to play the 11/25/12 sound clip.... Here's a classic. Abbot and Costello, "Who's on First". Everyone knows it but it is still funny after all these years. It will never go out of style.

Click here to play the 11/18/12 sound clip.... More World Series clips. 1956, game 5, Don Larsen throws a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here is the radio call of the last out. Pretty exciting stuff. I've also included an radio interview of Larsen that occurred well after the game. Interesting insight on one of baseballs great moments. Click here to hear Larsen describing the feat....

Click here to play the 11/11/12 sound clip.... 1988 World Series, game 1, ninth inning, 2 out. The Dodgers are losing by 4-3 with a runner on first, Dennis Eckersley pitching. Pinch hitter Kirk Gibson steps to the plate, or should I say hobbles to the plate, pretty much on one leg. We all probably saw this happen live. It was unbelievable. He goes deep to win the game then drags his leg around the bases.

Click here to play the 11/4/12 sound clip.... 1949 World Series. The late great Red Barber makes the radio call as Tommy Heinrich homers to win game 1 with a "grin as big as a slice of watermelon." Great call but could he have made it today? Not really politically correct but Heinrich was a white player (as all but a few were in 1949) so he might have got away with it. It still would have gotten the guff of the media and maybe he would have been forced to resign. We would have lost a voice of the generation but then again he may have thought twice and said something else.

Click here to play the 10/28/12 sound clip.... Carlton Fisk, game 6 1975 perhaps the greatest World Series game ever. Here was the defining moment but the background leading up to the moment was also amazing. Bernie Carbo homering off Pedro Borbon with 2 out in the 8th to tie the game. Runners being thrown out at the plate. Dwight Evans making a great catch and doubling off the runner in extra innings. All this made the game the greatest. Roger Angel from Ken Burns documentary "Baseball" does a memorable piece about the game. Click here to play the Ken Burns clip....

Click here to play the 10/21/12 sound clip.... World Series time. I have something like 40 clips to pick about the world series. We will have to run these for a few weeks. To start lets get a type of summary. NPR did a nice piece a few years back when the World Series celebrated it's 100 year anniversary. A great flash back to some of the big moments of the World Series. Enjoy!

Click here to play the 10/14/12 sound clip.... Playoff time. There has been a lot of famous plays during the playoffs as almost everyone remembers the action packed games. Well, maybe not Rob as he is getting quite forgetful. I have one that even Rob might remember though. 1992 NLCS, Atlanta Braves vs Pittsburgh Pirates, game 7. Skip Caray calls the famous Sid Bream slide that started the Braves run as team of the 90's.

Click here to play the 10/7/12 sound clip.... Miguel Cabrera's awesome season brought him the Triple Crown this year. No Roland, not the most triples but the Triple Crown; leading the league in batting average, homers and rbi. We've had gone 45 years since the last Triple Crown. Who had that monster season, Carl Yastrzemski. Here is the "Yaz Song" by Jess Cain. Will someone end up writing a Miguel Cabrera song? Probably not, not as much creativity anymore, he'll probably just end up with a YouTube video.

9/30/12- Pennant race time. There are many clips to choose from. Here is perhaps the most famous pennant clincher of all time.
Click here to play The Giants Win the Pennant... Russ Hodges calls Bobby Thompsons shot at the Polo Grounds. The Giants came back to win the pennant from the Dodgers during the golden era of baseball as Thompson does his heroics off Ralph Branca.
Have you ever heard the postgame interview of Thompson and Branca? Click here to play an post game interview of Thompson and Branca..." (opens in a new window).

9/23/12- Here are a couple of old time baseball songs.
Click here to play Baseball Boogie... Mabel Scott sings "Baseball Boogie". The first 2 and a half minutes of a 3 hour clip is the baseball song. The rest of the clip has assorted hits from the 40's.
Click here to play That Baseball Rag... Wolff and Jones made this 1913 hit, "That Baseball Rag".

Click here to play the 9/16/12 sound clip.... Bryce Harper, phenom. 19 years old and hitting homers all over the place. Future Hall of Famer? He's going after the teenage record for homers in a season. Who holds that record, Tony Conigliaro. A great start to a career cut short by a brutal hit by pitch shattering his cheek bone and causing eye problems. You never know what can happen to a career. Tony C had to give up baseball, he took up singing and put out a record. Here's Tony Conigliaro, "Playing The Field". Not too good but at least he had all those homers at 19.

Click here to play the 9/9/12 sound clip.... On the first Sunday of the football season lets compare baseball and football. Check out the classic sports commentary by one of the most insightful comedians of our time; George Carlin, "Baseball and Football".

9/2 - Ted Williams, the Splendid Splinter. Check out his career numbers spometimes and consider that he lost prime years to military stints in TWO wars. What could have been. Here is Ted talking about the defensive shift, so popular with manager's this year.
Click here to play clip #1 .... Williams on the Shift.
Here are two clips about perhaps Williams greatest feat, the last man to hit .400, .406 in 1941.
Click here to play clip #2.... Ted about the final day of 1941.
Click here to play clip #3 .... Ted on hitting .400.

Click here to play the 8/26/12 sound clip.... We've gone most of the year and haven't heard from one of the great announcers. Here is an NPR interview of the great Dodger announcer Vin Scully concerning baseball announcers. Nothing like going to the source on good announcers.

8/19 - Time to pay tribute to perhaps the best right fielder of all time, the late great Roberto Clemente. Or as they said in the 60's, Bobby Clemente. Clemente's career was cut short because of a plane accident while on a humanitarian mission in 1972. Imagine if he had a full career. Ironically Clemente had exactly 3000 hits. As a bonus, all the clips feature long time Pirates announcer Bob Prince.
Click here to play clip #1 .... Clemente's 3000th and last hit of his career.
Click here to play clip #2.... Bob Prince describing a Clemente home run.
Click here to play clip #3 .... Another Clemente home run, this one inside the park.
Click here to play clip #4 .... Since we have a Pirates vibe going, here is "Talkin Baseball" the Pirates version by Terry Cashman.

We've heard from Bob Sheppard; now how about the "Ironhorse" Lou Gehrig. Here's Lou's famous farewell speech. Click here to play the 8/12/12 sound clip.... Nice to hear some humility in a sports star. Today's stars just don't compare. As an added bonus here is a little extra. Click here to play Talkin Baseball.... "Talkin Baseball" The original Yankee edition by Terry Cashman.

Click here to play the 8/5/12 sound clip.... Here is a nice interview of Legendary Yankee public address announcer Bob Sheppard by Ed Randall of WFAN from a couple of years back. Hearing that voice makes you feel like you are back at the park!

7/29 - Time to have some fun. Parody time. Some players really deserve to be immortalized for their actions. Check these out.
Click here to play clip #1 .... "Bonds on Steriods" played to an old Coasters tune.
Click here to play clip #2.... "Oh Manny" a Manny Ramirez parody played to a Barry Manalow melody.
Click here to play clip #3 .... The "Ballad of John Rocker" by Tim Wilson.

Click here to play the 7/22/12 sound clip.... It's the Baseball Hall of Fame induction day. Let's step back a few years to the induction ceremony for 1937, the second hall of fame class. Here is a sound bite from the 1937 induction ceremony. It's not a complete recording of the day but it has some great players acknowledging their honor (about 2:13 minutes).

Click here to play the 7/15/12 sound clip.... The sun is out, the weather is great, let's play ball. "It's a Beautiful Day For A Ballgame" from Randy Now. You know what, even when the weather isn't so nice it a beautiful day for a ball game.

Click here to play the 7/8/12 sound clip.... Here's a nice segment from National Public Radio on the baseball glove. The segment is 7:21 long so you'll need a little time to listen to it but it is well worth your time.

As we all celebrate the 4th of July we all feel a little patriotic. How about the National Anthem. There have been many renditions over the years, here are a few of the finest. Which is your favorite?
Click here to play the Fenway Park classic.... PA announcer Sherm Feller introduces John Kiley on the organ at Fenway Park. This just sounds like a ballpark.
Click here to play Josh Groban.... From game 1 of the 2005 World Series Josh Groban gives his rendition.
Click here to play Carrie Underwood.... From the 2006 All Star game Carrie Underwood performs the National Anthem..
Click here to play Nils Lofgen's interpretation.... Nils Lofgen, the guitarist from the E-Street Band performs a great version.
Click here to play the Grateful Dead.... You've never heard the Grateful Dead like this. This if from April 12, 1993 at Candlestick.
Click here to play Jose Feliciano .... Jose Feliciano performing at game 5 of the 1968 World Series with perhaps one of the best versions.

Click here to play the 6/24/12 sound clip.... Its famous, everyone knows the title, but when was the last time you heard the entire poem "Casey At The Bat". This version is recited by the author himself, Ernest Thayer.

Click here to play the 6/17/12 sound clip.... On Fathers Day I had to find something fitting. Here is "Play the Game" from Willie McCulloch, a song about fathers, sons, and baseball.

Click here to play the 6/11/12 sound clip.... Put me in coach. I'm ready to play. A modern classic from John Fogerty, "Centerfield".

Click here to play the 6/4/12 sound clip.... A seldom heard song. Here's J.Bristol's "Play Ball". Not too bad for something I have never heard before.

Click here to play the 5/29/12 sound clip.... Time to honor one of the greats. Here's the classic "Sey Hey" by various artists, the Willie Mays song.

Click here to play the 5/20/12 sound clip.... Continuing with a theme, here is one of the reasons managers rant. We have all been here. It is SO true. One of my favorite clips. "Bases On Balls" sung by Honkey Tonk Confidential. This song should have won a Grammy.

For 5/13 we check in on managers behaving badly. We're talking about manager rants. Here are 7 classics. Be warned, this is not for your kids. There is a lot of swearing, expletives are NOT deleted. Profanity rains wild! Kind of funny and kind of sad at the same time. Which one is your favorite?
Click here to play clip #1 .... A Earl Weaver classic tirade.
Click here to play clip #2.... Another classic, this one made Lee Elia famous.
Click here to play clip #3 .... Tommy Lasorda rips his own team.
Click here to play clip #4.... Ozzie Guillen on WSCR radio, what was he thinking.
Click here to play clip #5 .... Ron Gardenhire lets loose.
Click here to play clip #6.... Dick Howser goes nuts.
Click here to play clip #7 .... Tommy Lasorda miked during the 1977 World Series pulling Charlie Rau from the game.

Click here to play the 5/6/12 sound clip.... "The Umpire Song" sung by Phil Rizzuto, Tommy Heinrich, Ralph Branca and Roy Campanella. The '50's really were the golden era of baseball. I really doubt that you would hear some stars singing like this today!

April 26 is Babe Ruth Day in Major League Baseball. In his honor we have a couple of clips. Click here to play the 4/29/12 sound clip .... Roger Angell, baseball historian speaking about Babe Ruths final weekend.
Click here to play sound clip #2.... Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig trying to do a comedy routine!

To help celebrate the 100th birthday of Fenway Park we have 2 clips. Click here to play the 4/22/12 sound clip .... "Talkin Baseball" by Terry Cashman, Red Sox edition.
Click here to play sound clip #2.... A brief history of Fenway by NPR station WBUR. You'll hear the orgins of "Sweet Caroline".

In memory of Jackie Robinson on Jackie Robinson day in Major League Baseball we bring you several clips. Click here to play the 4/15/12 sound clip "42" retired.... MLB retiring #42.
Click here to play sound clip #2.... Buck O'Niel on Jackie Robinson
Click here to play sound clip #3.... Jackie Robinsons Hall of Fame induction speech.
Click here to play clip #4.... "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit that Ball" by Count Basie & his Ochestra with Taps Miller from 1947. You will need Real Audio Player to play this. There is an a file below if you need it.

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Click here to play the 4/9/12 sound clip.... "Field of Dreams" a narrated by James Earl Jones.

Click here to play the 4/1/12 sound clip.... "Opening Day" a song by Scott Campbell. I hadn't heard this one before.

Click here to play the 3/26/12 sound clip.... A NPR (National Public Radio) interview concerning the first baseball boxscore

Click here to play the 3/19/12 sound clip.... Ed Sullivan show from 1958 featuring 4 famous Yankees and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

Click here to play the 3/11/12 sound clip.... Ernie Harwell- "Definition of Baseball"...awesome!!