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4-7-24 Next up is episode 4 of the Baseball Hall of Fame Connections series. This time they go from a triple play to Shohei Ohtani. What is that connection. I am sure whatever it is it will be interesting. I hope you enjoy "From a Triple Play to Shohei, Hall of Fame Connections Episode 4"


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Connecticut opened play in its 38th season in the FBN coming off an 85 win season in 2023 good enough to make the playoffs as a Wild Card team. Management is hoping for a better season in 2024 with a couple off season acquisitions and expected improvements from a few players. Veteran lefty Clayton Kershaw was added to the pitching staff to add some solid depth behind top starters Merrill Kelly and Zach Eflin. Improvement is expected from Bobby Witt Jr in his 2nd season and Jeimer Candelario should rebound from a rough 2023. Along with the one-two punch of Freddie Freeman and Corey Seager, the Blue Devils should be a pretty solid team to deal with.

Connecticut has started out at 10-6 with one remaining road series vs. Taxachusetts. The offense, as expected, has been led by the trio of Freeman, Seager and Witt combining for 26 runs, 9 HR's and 32 RBI. Leody Tavares has also started strong batting .395.

Pitching wise - the starting staff has been solid combining for a 2.76 ERA. Jon Gray has allowed just 1 run in 2 starts while Aaron Civale has allowed just 2 runs in 2 starts and they are the 4th and 5th starter. Unfortunately, the bullpen - expected to be very strong has struggled early with high leverage relievers - Clay Holmes (7.36 11 hits in 6 IP), Evan Phillips (8.10) and Raisel Iglesias (12.79 17 hits in 6 IP). Can't imagine those results continuing . . .

Should be a fun season for Connecticut with the main goal of making the playoffs and avoiding the initial Wild Card round.




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Written by Ed Griffin
March 2024

Here are my 2024 projections

Done in record time this year! I'm not retired yet but my new job does not require much effort so I've been working on my projections. Looks like lots of teams on the playoff bubble so good luck refuting my predictions. I'm looking forward to another fun season!



Projected Finish
1) Connecticut
2) Burlington
3) Taxachusetts
4) Hazardville
5) US Jarheads
6) Norwich
7) Zante
8) Allyn Street
9) Wall Street
10) FoggyMountain
11) Illinois
12) Klee's

It looks to be another very competitive season in the NL during 2024.

I do think that CT and BB are the two best teams. But after that it gets very challenging to determine who is likely to make the playoffs. The Blue Devils have an excellent rotation and one of the best closers in Phillips. Freeman and Seager lead a very solid offense. Just a solid team top to bottom. The Bucs are right there. Not the big names, but a very good lineup. Also, they probably have the league's best rotation. Good pen as well. Should be a real battle for the NL regular season crown. I'm going with Taxachusetts, Hazardville and US next. I put Norwich and Zante on the bubble. I see Allyn Street, Wall Street, FoggyMountain, Illinois and Klee's on the outside looking in. In this season of challenging pitching, I figure the Chiefs and Jarheads will slug their way into the playoffs. The Kegs are also a bit light on the pitching, but a fairly well balanced team. Wall Street is interesting as they have one of the NL's better starting rotations. However, a 3e25 at SS and crappy offense are not good things. Big question ... will the Klubbers get out of the basement?

....click here to see projected team details for the National League



Projected Finish
1) Blue Grass
2) Bissel Cove
3) California
4) Yorktown
5) Lake Wobegon
6) Urpaign
7) Hotlanta
8) Louisville
9) Grayson
10) Belmont Street
11) Arsenal
12) Atlanta

The AL looks a little easier to vet out than the NL.

Appears that Blue Grass, Bissel Cove, California and Yorktown are solid playoff teams. The Blues are heavily in and have a solid all around team. The Blue Fish are loaded for the future and will still win 100 games this year ... same as it ever was. The Dreamers do not look like they are all in, but still a solid team, while the Admirals have been arming up. The ultimate outcome will likely depend on what moves the contenders make in-season. I think the 5th spot will be between the Whippets and the Dragons. Both flawed but decent teams. Hotlanta and Louisville are both just mediocre teams that would need some serious upgrades to make a playoff push. It appears that Grayson, Belmont Street, Arsenal and Atlanta will be 1-4 in the draft next season ... which will inflate the rest of the AL team records. I think the clear favorite to be #1 in the draft will be Atlanta ... that would be four times in six seasons! Yikes ... hopefully the suffering pays off soon.

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Good luck to everyone.