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12-31-23 As we end 2023 and look forward to 2024 it is always a good time to look back at the previous year. How do you look back at 2023 in baseball, a year in review? We've already seen a few videos with top plays and performances. I found one that ties everything together. Here are "The Top 100 Plays of 2023! MLB Highlights" Enjoy your look back at last season.

1-7-24 One of the great feelings when running a team is when your offense goes crazy and piles up runs. It might only be for one game but at that time everything seems right. Of course you probably have in the back of your mind that you will end up paying or the offensive explosion and will probably get shut out the next game but for now its great. Here is a video of "Every Team's HIGHEST Scoring Game of 2023". We are just showing MLB here, not the FBN. I couldn't find any FBN footage.

1-14-24 You have all heard that Bud Harrelson passed away this week. I think next to Tom Seaver he was the ultimate New York Met. A very good player but not Cooperstown worthy he was a glove first shortstop that really knew the game. His nickname was the Professor. He had an epic fight with Pete Rose and always seemed to make the right play. I found this nice tribute, "Looking at the life and legacy of Mets legend Buddy Harrelson" from SNY.

1-21-24 Nothing changes a game more than a grand slam home run. Four runs on the board in an instant. The fans cheer wildly. The offense celebrates and the defense is bummed out. There is nothing like a grand slam. I found this video that features "Every 2023 MLB Grand Slam!" I hope you enjoy it.

1-28-24 Next to the grand slam a walk off home run is a top highlight. The fans get to celebrate their team winning in such a dramatic fashion. Sports highlights increased the fervor but it is quite exciting. In todays game it happens more frequently than you think but it is still a thrill. Here is a nice video featuring "Every 2023 MLB Walk Off Home Run! Including Postseason!"

2-4-24 The last two weeks we featured home runs. Everyone likes home runs so lets do a third week. Some also call the homer the "Big Fly". The bigger the better right. The longest home runs are really impressive. No wall scraper but a moon shot makes the other team take note. This video features "Massive Bombs! Longest Home Runs of the 2023 Seasons, 470ft AND MORE"