An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

11-19-23 It is exciting whenever someone hits for the cycle. While a cycle is rare it happens more often than you think. I found a collection of every cycle hit in 2023. We are only talking Major League Baseball here, not Strat-O-Matic. I hope you enjoy a look back at "Every Cycle from the 2023 Season".

11-26-23 This week Roland was dreaming about Bartolo Colon and the Hall of Fame. We all know that is pure fantasy but Bartolo was a fan favorite. He became a icon during the last few years of his career as he pitched into his mid 40's. Here is a nice video about Colon, "How 'Big Sexy' Became the Most Loved Player in Sports".

12-3-23 Analytics has changed baseball. We can now find out all sorts of stats that years ago you didn't even dream about. Offensive stats, defensive range stats, player speed stats. If you can think of something that can be measured then there could be someone tracking that stat. One is throwing arms. Check out this video "MLB Cannon Arms 2023".

12-10-23 Last week we saw a video about cannon arms. It mainly featured throws from the outfield. But how about the infielders? Their throws are just as important if not more so. They do not generally feature the excitement of the throuws from the outfield but they certainly occur much more fequently and can just a easliy snuff out rallies. Take a look at "Rifle Arms! Over 95+ MPH! 2023's Strongest Infield Arms!"

12-17-23 The last couple of weeks we saw a videos about throwing arms. Of course throwing is only a part of defense. Which players are the best of the best for defense. They are the Gold Glovers. I found this video featuring the 2023 Gold Glove winners. Take a few minutes and check out the highlights spotlighting "2023 Gold Glove Winners! (The best of the best with the glove)".

12-24-23 Last week was all about defense as we showcased the Gold Glove winners. This week we turn things around and look at the star hitters, the Silver Sluggers. These feature the top hitter at each postion. Check out who won the awards this year with "The BEST of the of BEST with the BAT! The 2023 MLB Silver Slugger winners!"