An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

10-8-23 Another week, another death in the baseball world. This week we lost one of the best knuckleballers of all time, Tim Wakefield. Tim Wakefield started his career as a first baseman in the Pirate organization. Unsuccessful he switched to pitching and develope a great knuckleball. The knuckleball was out of favor but he got some direction from Phil Niekro and really took off. He was released by the Pirates and quickly grabbed by the Red Sox and the rest as they say is history. He ended up winning 200 games in the majors and also won the Roberto Clemente award by his off the field activities. Take one last look at the life of Tim Wakefield in "Red Sox Legend Tim Wakefield Remembered".

10-15-23 With the Major League season complete and most FBN teams now idle for the off season most of us are starting to evaluate the rookies for next years draft. Is the guy a one year wonder or is he a legit prospect. Did he take Major League baseball by storm or did he stumble out of the block. I found a video that trys to determine who had the greatest rookie season of all time. Check out "The Search for the Greatest Rookie Seasons of All Time".

10-22-23 There are many reasons that a baseball game may experience a delay. There is the weather of course. There could be an equipment issue or a field problem. An injury to a player, umpire or fan could cause a delay. People on the field is cause of a delay. How about other delays? I found this video featuring "The Craziest Delays In Baseball History".

10-29-23 We're at the end of another Major League Baseball season. Time to start showing some highlight videos. I found a few videos that have already come out. This first one features a group of some of the best plays of 2023. I hope you enjoy "MLB, Best plays 2023 Compilation".

11-5-23 Frank Howard passed away this week. At six foot seven inches, 275-295 pounds Frank Howard was the predecessor to todays physically giant ball players. He won the National League rookie of the year award in 1960 and led the league in home runs, rbi and slugging several times in his career, the majority of the time spent with the Washington Senators. It was there that he got his nickman, the Capital Punisher. After his career he managed several teams. Here is a video titled "Capital Punishment: The Legend of Frank Howard, Forgotten Legends".

11-12-23 The MLB network has a show called "Carded". It mainly features stuff about baseball cards but this week they had a large segment about Strat-O-Matic. Strat is featured from about the 3 minute mark until near the end. They may be scratching the bottom of the barrel for video. Our own Roland Klee is shown picking up his cards. As Glen would say, WTF!! PLEEEASE!! Check out the show, "Carded" from the MLB network.