An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

8-27-23 The skill and training of Major League Baseball players is obvious. These guys know what to do and have the skills to make things happen. The X factor is the brain. It sometimes wanders are gets short circuited somehow. This sometimes results in "dumb" thinngs happening. Who knows why. It is usually embarrashing to the player involved and is usually memorable to everyone who witnessed the play. Here is a nice video "MLB "Negative IQ" Moments".

9-3-23 There is a funny thing that happens with rules and laws. What once made a lot of sense and seem totally reasonable, over time, can become a dumb rule that doesn't make a lot of sense. Things change and evolve so rules need to be modified and updated. If not we get what seems like a dumb rule. I found this video "The Dumbest Rules In Baseball".

9-10-23 Enough baseball is played that it seems like sooner or later everything will happen. It could be a misplay or a smart play. It could be a player, umpire or fan. It is just an odd occurrence. If you see it happen you will remember it. Check out "Crazy MLB Moments".

9-17-23 When the season reaches the dog days of summers peoples patience seems to melt away. It is not just players who start to get fiesty. Even the fans get upset as they see that there team is not doing what they expected. It makes for some interesting stories. I found a video that shows how short the tempers are in 2023. I hope you enjoy "The 2023 MLB Season Has Gotten Out Of Control".

9-24-23 At one time Baseball was considered America's national pastime. Now media says that Football rules the roost. But does it? More people watch baseball then any other sport. Obviously the number of games is a gigantic difference. A football game can draw 80,000. A baseball game typically draws over 30,000 four of five times a week. Take a look at this video, "Why More People Go To MLB Games Than Any Other Sport".

10-1-23 This week we lost another all-time great ball player, Brooks Robinson. Brooks was arguably the greatest defensive third baseman of all time. He won 16 consecutive Gold Glove, the most ever by a position player. He was more than just a glove though. He was an 18 time all-star and led the Orioles to 4 penants and 2 World Series titles. He was AL MVP in 1964 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1983. Check out the tribute "MLB Network Remembers Brooks Robinson".