An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

7-16-23 Last week we featured careless plays in MLB. This week we will look at the other end of the spectrum, sly smart plays. We have all seen them. Plays were a player comes up with a play that can only be made by a player who is really tuned into the game. Sometimes it is outfoxing his opponent, other times it is just a real smart play that makes a difference. Check out "MLB; Sly Smart Plays".

7-23-23 Have you ever wondered how baseball teams got their names. What is the Chicago connection to Cubs, or the Detroit connection to Tigers. How about Royals or the Sox fetish, Red and White. Some are obvious such as Phillies but there is usually a story behind each team name. I hope you enjoy, "How It Was Named; MLB Teams".

7-30-23 It is always nice to look at the top plays. Top plays of the day is a popular feature on sport news recaps. A look back at the top plays of the year is always a hit. I found a video that has the "Top 50 Plays of the First Half! (Domingo goes perfect, Elly steals home and so much MORE!)". Enjoy.

8-6-23 Nothing changes a game more than a grand slam. Four runs instantaneously. Grand slams are major turning points in any game. They don't happen all that frequently so when they do happen it is worth remembering. Here is a recent video of "MLB, Grand slam 2023" for about half the season.

8-13-23 Everyone has an opinion. It may be right, it may be wrong, no one truly knows. Like, who is the best catcher in baseball right now. It all depends on what you value. Is it the bat or the glove. I dug up this video of someone rating the catchers for each major league team. It came out around the all-star break so things may have changed. I hope you enjoy "Ranking All 30 Catchers In The MLB!"

8-20-23 A lot of things happen in baseball. We have players, managers, umpires, ground crews, promotional staff. The fans even get involved. They all try to do things just right but sometimes things don't work out as planned. Those results are often memorable for the unintended result. Check out a nice video, "The Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened in Baseball".