An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

6-4-23 A walk off home run is very exciting. But what is better. How about a walk of grand slam! Sometimes only the first run makes the difference but there are times that all four runs are needed to win the game. That is the ultimate walk off hit. Here is a collection of "MLB | Down By Three.... Walk-Off Slams".

6-11-23 Chris Russo discusses the legacy of Roger Craig after his passing, remembers his memorable playing and coaching careers, and more. Did you know Roger Craig pitched the last game in Brooklyn for the Dodgers and the first game in New York for the Mets. That was a neat coincedence. Check out "Remembering Roger Craig: from the MLB network.

6-18-23 The pitch clock has really sped up the game this season. I really like the faster pace of the game. I think most fans are in favor of the change but not all the players. Several pitchers really don't like it but ofcourse they have to live with it. Some have come up with ways to use the clock to their advantage. Max Scherzer came up with an idea during spring training. "Max Scherzer Messing With Hitter's Timing Using Pitch Clock". check it out. By the way, the rules were tweeked and this is not really allowed anymore.

6-25-23 I helped Ed out and did the narrative write ups for the recent FBN Hall of Fame inductees. One of our new inductees was Randy Johnson. He was one of a kind. Boy how he intimidated left handed hitters. Just as John Kruk or check out his All-Star game at bat against Johnson. It was humorous to say the least. Here is a nice video, "There Will Never Be Another Randy Johnson".

7-2-23 Last week we saw a video about Randy Johnson. He threw gas and was intimidating. But the best season by a pitcher of all time might be from a guy who only threw in the 70's. Today's focus on velocity would probably prevent this guy from pitching in the show but check out his stats, he dominated like no other pitcher. Watch the video to find out who he was, "MLB's Slowest Pitcher Was Completely Unhittable".

7-9-23 I seemed to notice that the pitch clock has improved defense around baseball. Guys seem to be more on their toes in general. Not all the time though. There is still some carelessness in baseball, both defensively and offensively. I know it's a long season but these guys are supposed to be professionals and are getting paid handsomely to pay attention to the game situation, not think about what they are doing after the game. I found a video featuring "MLB;Carelessness in Game".