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3-12-23 Jesus Alou passed away this week. He was 80. He was part of perhaps the greatest baseball family of all time. He played with is brothers Matty and Felipe and famously all three played together in the same outfield for San Francisco in 1963. That has not happen previously or since. Also part of the family are Felipe Alou Jr, Moises Alou, Jose Alou, Luis Rojas, Mel Rojas and Jose Sosa. I would say there was some baseball talk during family gatherings. Jesus transitioned into coaching and scouting and was in professional baseball for more than six decades. Here is a nice video about the Alou family, "Baseball Legends of the Game, The Alou Family - Felipe, Matty, Jesus, Moises Alou, Luis Rojas".

3-19-23 Why would anyone want to be a baseball catcher? You get beat up and abused every game. Even great catchers get dinged all the time. It is physically impossible to react fast enough to avoid getting hit by fall tips. The same applies to home plate umpires. The great advancements in protective gear sure helps but nothing can stop the carnage. They don't call catchers gear the tools of ignorance for nothing. That kind of ironic since catchers are typically the team field general. I found a video that that features "MLB | Biggest Hits on the Mask of the Catchers", check it out

3-26-23 As the 2023 baseball season approaches I looked back over the videos I presented and realized that I missed one 2022 video. This one came out after the others as it focused on the playoffs. I hope you enjoy a look back at "MLB | Top 10 Moments of the 2022 Postseason".

4-2-23 The new MLB season as started. It is great to see live baseball again. Seeing action on the green grass brings a smile to my face. Major League parks are amazing. Of course each park is a little different. Each has it own charm. Check out "Critiquing Every MLB Stadium! 2022 Ballparks".

4-9-23 I found another video critiquing major league stadiums. This is another look at the parks. Compare the differences with "Critiquing All 30 MLB Stadium - Secrets and Hidden Gems".

4-16-23 One thing I like about baseball parks is that each one is different. That is if you forgot about the cookie cutter parks of the 1970's and 1980's. Each park has it own quirks. Different wall heights, different dimensions. Why is that so. All the other sports have uniform playing fields, football, soccer, hockey, basketball. Baseball is different. Why? Check out this video, "Why do all MLB ballparks have different dimensions? Quick Question" from MLB Originals.