An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

1-29-23 Protected roster time. Things get a little tense as we make roster decisions. How about lightening things up a little bit. I thinking its time for bloopers and blunders. Let the hilarity ensue! Here are "The best bloopers and blunders of 2022!"

2-5-23 There is a play that gets the crowd at peak excitement that does not happen frequently. Home runs happen all the time. A great outfield assist only happens 30 or 40 times per season for a team. Some outfielders have cannons for arms and really don't have much of a chance to show it off. When it counts and they get to use their rifle arms the crowd goes wild. "Here are the hardest outfield throws of the season! These guys have cannons!"

2-12-23 The cannons for arms that we saw last week does not necessarily mean that the player is an elite defender. The elite defenders are celebrated each year with the Gold Glove awards. These guys are the best of the best when it comes to defense. Check out the "2022 Gold Glove Winners!" brought to you by MLB Productions.

2-19-23 Spring training started this week. Teams are in Florida and Arizona getting ready for the upcoming season. Guys are using state of the art training facilities and playing on nice fields. The facilities have sure changed since 50 or 60 years ago. Back in the day the fields were sometimes just that, fields. Some were not more than high school fields. You should see them now. Take a look at "Ranking EVERY MLB Spring Training Facility - Secrets and Hidden Gems". Which is your favorite?

2-26-23 I watched my first spring training game today. It was nice getting a head start on understanding the new rules. The batters seemed to have more problems with the pitch clock than the pitcher but to be fair most of the pitchers pitched in the minors last season. Spring training has many purposes. I don't think guys need to get in shape anymore but some need to learn new positions and all need to fine tune their games. Just how is this done. Check out "How MLB Spring Training Works".

3-5-23 One of the "hot" scouting items for hitters is exit velocity. Basically, how hard is the ball hit. Guys who hit the ball harder generally are better hitters. I don't think you need to be a genius to figure that out. Aaron Judge has one of the top exit velocities. At the other end of the spectrum just check the Klee's Klubber roster. Here is a video with featuring the some of the hard hit balls of last season, "Absolute rockets!! These are the hardest hits of the 2022 season!"