An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-18-22 Jim Ferguson is putting together a replay with All-Time All-Star teams. Mr. Burns did this for the Springfield Isotopes. He had Darryl Strawberry, Wade Boggs, Jose Canseco, Ken Griffey Jr., Roger Clemens and Ozzie Smith among others. Of course it was just a soft ball game and only an animated television show but it was pretty cool none the less. Check out a recap of the Simpson episode, "The Incredible Journey of the Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Team" and have a few laughs.

12-25-22 Christmas. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe holiday. I also thought it would nice to offer something light. How about the Savannah Bananas. Many of you may have heard of seen the Bananas but for those of you that have not you are in for a treat. They are all about entertainment but not in the Harlem Globetrotter way. They play real baseball but the rules are tweaked for enjoyment. There is a strict game clock. Fans are involved too. If a fan catches a foul ball the batter is out. I guess you need to drop a foul if it is hit by your team. Check out this video. The title tells it all, "The Savannah Bananas are the Coolest Baseball Team on the Planet".

1-1-23 Another year has come to an end. The turning of the calendar is a time when many people look back at the previous year and reminisce. How something ends leaves a lasting impression that people remember. The same goes for baseball. How the game ends means everything. Here is a look back at at some of the best game endings of the season with "Epic endings!! Top 15 finishes of the 2022 MLB season!! Happy New Year to everyone.

1-8-23 The 2022 Major League Baseball season was a great season. As with most seasons there were some amazing plays and events. These guys a good. The athletic feats are something to behold. Check out "MLB | Amazing Plays Of The Year 2022 | Highlights".

1-15-23 Last week we recalled the amazing plays of 2022. This week we will look at bat flips. The pitcher and defense hate them. A bat flip could cause a bean ball or maybe even a brawl. Sometimes it just happens in the moment but other times the hitter is making a statement. Lets look at "BEST bat flips of 2022!! (Yordan, Acuna, and more!!)" .

1-22-23 We move from amazing plays to an amazing player. Shohei Ohtani is unlike any other player in baseball today. He is an outstanding pitcher and hitter. He has enormous power yet is also an outstanding pitcher. I guess you would have to go back to Babe Ruth to find a similar player. Check out "Shohei Ohtani 2022 Highlights | Another historic season for Angels' amazing two-way player!"