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11-06-22 We just reviewed the fastest pitches and home runs for 2021. Now its time for 2022. We will start off with the moon shots, the dingers, the long balls. We take a tour showing the longest home run for each team during the 2022 season. I hope you enjoy "Every MLB Team's Longest Home Run Of 2022".

11-13-22 Last week we looked at the longest home runs from every team in 2022. All home runs count the same. They don't have to be massive blasts. Perhaps a more exciting home run, and certainly more rare is the inside the park home run. To get an inside the park home run you need the perfect blend of location, fielding miscues, speed, desire and luck. Here is a video featuring all the inside the park home runs from 2022. Sit back and take in "All Inside The Park Homers in 2022!!!".

11-20-22 Being on a 2022 homer theme we now move to walk off homers. Walk off anything is exciting but nothing beats a walk off home run. It is always featured on the sports news shows. If it for your team or against your team you pay attention. Here is a nice video featuring "Every Walk Off Home Run Of 2022". I hope you enjoy the recap.

11-27-22 The last few weeks has been all about home runs. We've seen the longest, inside the park and the walk offs. How about taking some back. I'm talking robbing home runs. Sit back and relive "MLB Robbing Home Runs, 2022". Sit back and enjoy.

12-4-22 Gaylord Perry passed away this week. While he was not one of the greatest pitchers of all time he was a baseball great. He is in the Hall of Fame with a lifetime record of 314-265 and a career era of 3.11 over 22 seasons. He had 3534 strikeouts and 303 complete games. The way things are now we will never see someone with 300 complete games again. He was the first man to win the Cy Young award in both leagues. Although he was famous for throwing the spit ball he was only ejected once for doctoring the ball, that in his 21st season. He intentionally played up the spit ball theme by touching all over his face and uniform before pitches. It was all to get in the hitters mind. I hope you enjoy this Gaylord Perry tribute from the MLB network.

12-11-22 Today's pitching is all about velocity. You don't see many soft tossers any more. Triple digit heat is where it is at. You don't need to three pitches to get deep into games. You only need 2 pitches. Throw as hard as you can for as long as you can and then another flame thrower will relieve you. Here are the "Fastest Pitches of 2022".