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9-25-22 As the 2022 Major League season whines down we think about team records. Which team had the best record of all time? That record stands with the 1906 Chicago Cubs. The check in at 116-36, .763. In second place is the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates, 103-36, .741. In third place is the 1886 Chicago White Stockings, 90-34, .726 followed by the 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates, 110-71, .724 and the 1954 Cleveland Indians, 111-43, .721. You think what about the 2001 Seattle Mariners. They won 116 games. But that was in a year with 162 games. They finished at 116-46, .716. If you go back to pre 1886 when teams played less than 100 games the best winning percentage was the 1875 Boston Red Stockings who went an amazing 71-8, .899. Imagine winning almost 90% of the games. I found a video featuring the 1906 Cubs. I hope you enjoy "The 1906 Cubs: The Best Record in MLB History".

10-2-22 I've been preparing the final stats that have already been submitted and I noticed that Javier Baez is leading the league in strikeouts again. Striking out is what Javier Baez does. Some guys hit homers, some hit for average, others are clutch. Javier Baez strikes out. He does other things well but swinging and missing is his calling card. He sure doesn't try to draw walks. He swings at everything. Here is a video that highlights Javier Baez, "Javy Baez Swings at EVERYTHING".

10-9-22 Baseball has decided to start tinkering with the rules for the benefit of the game. Some rule changes are welcomed, others meet a lot of resistance. I for one is looking forward to the pitch clock. In 2006 the average game was 2:34. It is now close to 3:10 minutes. I've been to several minor league games where the clock is used and the pace of the game is so much more entertaining. Other people say what is needed is changes to other parts of the game. The baseball itself comes into question. Check out this video that proclaims "Baseball Has a Baseball Problem".

10-16-22 It seems almost all the pitchers now throw a fastball in the upper 90's. It's not uncommon to see 100 mph plus fastballs. Baseball is addicted to velocity. Radar guns are everywhere and scoreboards typically display pitch speeds. Even in the minors you get to see the pitch velocity. Since it so closely monitored it is no wonder everyone strives for the fastest of the fast. Here is a video featuring the fastest pitches from 2021. Check out the "13 Fastest Pitches Thrown in 2021 MLB Season".

10-23-22 Pitching. It is what separates good teams from great team. A dominate pitcher is the key to pennant winning teams. There have been some pitching gods over time. But who was the greatest right handed pitcher of all time. Is it Nolan Ryan? How about Bob Gibson or Tom Seaver, or Greg Maddux or Bob Feller. What about Christy Mathewson, Cy Young, Satchel Paige, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez or Walter Johnson? Any of those guys would lead any pitching staff. Sit back and take in this video, "Who is the greatest right handed pitcher of all time? Grover Cleveland Alexander? "Ol' Pete"

10-30-22 Home runs. Baseball is obsessed with them. Fans seem to get more excited with a home run than a no-hitter. Sports News make the home run a featured part of each newscast. The longer the homer the better. Here is a video about the 2021 longest dingers. Check out the "Longest Home Run In Each Stadium Ranked Shortest To Longest - MLB 2021".