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8-14-22 Next up is the 2020 season top plays. The world came crashing down on baseball in 2020. The Covid-19 reality hit baseball and most of the season had to be canceled. The league only played a 60 game season. As sort of compensation the playoffs were expanded to 16 teams and were played at mostly neutral sites. When it was over the top regular season team in the AL, the Tampa Bay Rays met the top regular season team in the NL, the Los Angles Dodgers. The Dodgers were the run away top winner in the NL winning six more games than anyone else. In the series Dodgers took the title in six games. It was their first title since 1988. Sit back, pop open a cold one and relive the memories of 2020 with the MLB highlights of the top 100 plays of 2020.

8-21-22 We've reached the end of the top play feature with the 2021 season. The 2021 season was basically back to normal as far as Covid was concerned for all the teams except the Toronto Blue Jays. Border crossing rules forced Toronto to play their home games in Buffalo until a waiver was granted on July 30. 2021 was also the last season for the longtime Cleveland Indians who changed their name to the Gaurdians after the season. On the field the Altanta Braves defeated the Houston Astros in six games for the World Series title. I hope you enjoy a look at the top plays of 2021 with the "Top 40 Moments of the 2021 Season".

8-28-22 We've all probably have seen the right fielder attempt to throw out a runner at first on a single to right field. It rarely works. On a rare occasion the fans get a thrill and the baserunner gets embarrassed. Here is a look at the oddity with a compilation of MLB plays . Have fun and check out "MLB | The Rare 9-3 Putout (Insane Compilation)".

9-4-22 Tom Brady. We've all heard him called the greatest of all time at quarterback, the GOAT. Of course there are greatest of all time for all sorts of things and of course there is debate on who the GOAT is. Best power hitter, Babe Ruth? Best base stealer, Rickey Henderson? How about the GOAT for being hit by pitch. You don't think of that one very often if ever. Here is a video featuring just that. Who will it be? Check out "This Player is the GOAT of Getting Hit by Pitches".

9-11-22 September call up time. Time for the team to showcase their prospects or give deserving players a chance to be in the show. September call ups have changes as the league now limits the roster size but it is still an interesting time. All teams hope their top guys come up and dominate. Hit a homer in their first at bat or throw several shut out innings. Well what about the opposite end of the spectrum. Someone that comes up and has an awful debut. Who had the worst start to their career. Here's a video that features the just that. Please enjoy "This Player Had the Worst MLB Debut Ever".

9-18-22 There is a position in baseball that is basically fading away. A position that has not had someone since 1986. I'm talking about the player manager. Pete Rose was the last player manager in baseball. Before that it was not uncommon. Before Pete there was Don Kessinger (1979), Joe Torre (1977) and Frank Robinson (1976). Overall there have been 221 player managers, 59 whom are in the Hall of Fame. Why did it die out? Probably specialization like everything else in baseball. Here is a video looking at player managers. Check out "What Happened to Player-Managers in MLB?".