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7-3-22 Up next is the 2003 baseball season. 2003 had the Florida Marlins defeating the New York Yankees for the World Series Title. They won it using the wild card route, the second time they have done that. While the vaulted Yankees were the favorite winning 101 regular season games it did not matter in the end. The Chicago Cubs almost made it to the World Series but the infamous foul ball in game 7 was the turning point for the Marlins. During the regular season Atlanta and San Francisco also won 100 or more games but could not cash in at the end. Detroit meanwhile did not cash in all season as they set a record with 119 loses. Sit back, relax and enjoy this look back at 2003 with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 2003".

7-10-22 We now move on to the 2004 baseball season. In 2004 the Curse of the Bambino was put to rest. The Boston Red Sox broke a 86 year drought and won the World Series. They need heroics to do this. In the AL championship series they had to come back from being down 0-3 to defeat the Yankees and make to to the World Series. David Ortiz was his clutch self but he had plenty of help. For the Red Sox fans this was a season you will never forgot. I still remember working in Shanghai China trying to catch updates on my notebook computer during the playoffs and World Series. They didn't stream the games like the do now. Grab yourself a cold one, relax a bit and recall the memories with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 2004".

7-17-22 We have reached the 2005 baseball season. Unfortunately this will be the last season in the "Seasons" video series. I can't find any season recap after that and I can't find any older season that has been added. 2005 was a turning point for Major League Baseball. The Balco scandal broke, really exposing the steroid problem. Several players were suspended and many more exposed. MLB responded with a stronger steroid policy with harsher penalties and enforcement. It did have an affect. On the field another World Series drought came to an end. The Chicago White Sox won their first championship since 1917. I hope you enjoy one more look at 2005 with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 2005".

7-24-22 Since I can't find any more season overviews I had to search for something else. I found so top plays videos. In 2017 the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angles Dodgers to win the World Series. Perhaps the most notable thing from 2017 did not happen until 2019 when Mike Fiers alleged that the Astros set up an elaborate sign stealing scheme. The MLB investigation confirmed this and several management types were suspended and other resigned. On the field there was excitement as usual. Sit back and check out the top 100 plays from 2017

7-31-22 Here comes the top plays of 2018. 2018 had an oddity. 4 teams ended up playing 163 regular season games. That is because there were not one but two tie-breaking games. The Milwaukee Brewers defeated the Chicago Cubs for the NL Central title and the Los Angles Dodgers defeated the Colorado Rockies for the NL West title. The Dodgers ended up in the World Series but lost to the Boston Red Sox four games to one. I hope you enjoy this look back at the top 100 plays from 2018

8-7-22 We move on to the top plays of 2019. 2019 was the 150th anniversary of professional baseball dating back to 1869 with the founding of the Cincinnati Red Stockings. The Washington Nationals won their first World Series defeating the Houston Astros for the title. Sit back and recall 2019 with the top 100 plays from 2019.