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4-10-22 We move on to 1991. For some reason I was unable to find Major League Baseball Seasons, 1991. Maybe they did not make it or maybe it is just not on the web. 1991 was a great season with lots of events so they should have made a video. I did find video for another source. In 1991 we saw seven no-hitters including a perfect game by Dennis Martinez. We saw the Cubs score 5 runs in the top of the 11th inning only to lose the game when the Pirates scored 6 in the bottom of the inning. Rickey Henderson broke Lou Brock's all time stolen base record. Commissioner Faye Vincent sends a memo to the league that taking performance enhancing drugs is against the rules. I guess it did not have much effect. We had a great playoff and outstanding World Series as the Minnesota Twins take the crown. Take a moment and and enjoy a look back at 1991 with "MLB Baseball 1991: A Video Chronicle".


4-17-22 Next up is 1992. Again there is no Major League Baseball Seasons, 1992 but I did find the Video Chronicle for the season. 1992 saw the resurgence of pitching in baseball. On average one out of every seven games was a shutout. In the National League no team hit more than 138 home runs and none scored more than 700 runs. In the AL, with the DH no team scored more than 800 runs. I guess steroids had not yet taken effect. We did see a first in 1992. The Toronto Blue Jays became the first non US team to win the championship. They defeated the Atlanta Braves in six games. Sit back, relax and relive the memories with a look back at 1992 with "MLB Baseball 1992: A Video Chronicle".

4-24-22 We now move on to 1993. Major League Baseball Seasons has this season covered. The National League finally expanded in 1993 adding the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins. This came 16 years after the American League last added teams. Offense was on the rise this season. Barry Bonds and Juan Gonzalez each hit 46 homers to league their leagues. John Olerud led the AL with a .363 average while Andres Galaraga hit .370 to lead the NL. The season ended with the Toronto Blue Jay taking their second consecutive title in dramatic fashion. Toronto and Taxachusetts Chief icon Joe Carter hit a dramatic walk-off three run homer to take the title from Philadelphia in six games. Take a few minutes to recall the past with the story of 1993 with "Major League Baseball Seasons: 1993"..

5-1-22 Up next is 1994. The thing is 1994 was an incomplete baseball season. On August 11 the season was stopped by a labor strike and ultimately the remaining season was cancelled, including the playoffs and World Series. Teams only completed about 115 games. The Montreal Expos and New York Yankees were running away with their divisions, the first season with 3 divisions in each league but ultimately it was all for nothing. Do you remember that season. It was certainly one of a kind. Here is a video to help you recall 1994 titled "5 Things You May Not Remember About The Strike-Shortened 1994 MLB Season".

5-8-22 We move on to 1995. Baseball comes back. After 1994 was cut short due to a labor strike the strike continued into the 1995 season. An agreement was finally reached and the season started on April 25 with a shortened 144 game season. The effects of steroids really began to show itself. Albert Belle hit 50 homers despite the shortened season. Although the hitters dominated Greg Maddux won his fourth straight Cy Young award with a 1.63 era. It took until September for the fans to really embrace the game again and all it took was a 2,131 consecutive game played streak by Cal Ripken Jr. The season concluded with the Atlanta Braves defeating the Cleveland Indians for the title. Check out "MLB Network Baseball Seasons: 1995".

5-15-22 Next up is 1996. In 1996 the New York Yankees defeated the Atlanta Braves in 6 games for the World Series Title. It was the first full season in the Divisional Series era and the last season before inter-league play began. Unfortunately I was not able to find a full season recap for 1996. 1996 did see a a significant happening. The great Mel Allen passed away in 1996 at the age of 83. He was the voice of the Yankees for 35 years and of "This Week in Baseball" for many years. To me his voice just meant baseball. I did find a video about the sluggers of 1996. This was the beginning of the steroid era and home run records were falling. I hope you enjoy "MLB Super Sluggers 1996".