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12-05-21 This week we feature 1971. 1971 was a pretty regular season in Major League Baseball. It was the last year of the Washington Senators before they moved to become the Texas Rangers. An oddity is that it was also the last season that the majority of the teams wore flannel uniforms. Teams started to switch to double knit this year and by 1973 flannel uniforms were history. In the AL Tony Oliva won the batting crown and Vida Blue won both the Cy Young award and MVP. In the NL Joe Torre won the batting crown, RBI crown and MVP. Fergie Jenkins won the Cy Young award with a tough challenge from Tom Seaver. Check out "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1971".


12-12-21 We move on to 1974. 1974 saw a couple of baseball milestones eclipsed. Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth. Also, Lou Brock stole 118 bases surpassing Maury Wills single season record. In the AL, Jeff Burroughs (remember him) won the AL MVP while Catfish Hunter took home the AL Cy Young. In the NL, Steve Garvey won the NL MVP and iron man Mike Marshall took home the NL Cy Young pitching 106 games and 208.1 innings all in relief. I guess they didn't have a pitch count back then. I hope you enjoy "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1974".


12-19-21 Next up is 1975. 1975 saw Frank Robinson break the color barrier for managers. It also brought what is considered one of the best World Series ever as the Cincinnati Red defeated the Boston Red Sox in seven games. Game 6 saw Carlton Fisk's famous extra inning home run, waving the ball fair as he hopped down the first base line. Fred Lynn has one of the best rookie seasons winning the AL Rookie of the Year and AL MVP award. Joe Morgan took home the MVP in the NL. Jim Palmer (AL) and Tom Seaver (NL) took home the Cy Young awards. Today's pitchers could learn a few things from those guys. Sit back and enjoy "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1975".


12-26-21 This week we move on to 1977. 1977 saw the American League expand with Seatle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees were the class of the American League and the Dodgers were the NL champion. Rod Carew won AL MVP and Sparky Lyle won the AL Cy Young. In the NL George Foster was the MVP and Steve Carlton the Cy Young award winner. I hope you enjoy your journey back to 1977 with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1977".


1-2-22 Next up is 1978. 1978 saw the New York Yankees and Los Angles Dodgers return to the World Series. It also saw Pete Rose set the National League hitting streak record with a 44 game streak. Also notable was the Yankee comeback in August and September forcing a tie with the Boston Red Sox and a one game playoff. JR Richard set a NL season record for most strikeouts by a right handed pitcher with 303. Check out "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1978".


1-9-22 We move on to 1979. After 2 seasons of the Yankees and Dodgers meeting in the World Series none of the teams from 1977 or 1978 made the playoffs in 1979. Instead we get Baltimore and the LA Angels in the AL with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in the NL. Willie Stargell and Dave Parker led the we are family crew to the title.. The regular season saw Bruce Sutter, JR Richard, Mike Flanigan and Ron Guidry control the mound while Dave Kingman had his career year hitting .288 with 48 homers, I hope you enjoy a look back at "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1979".