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10-24-21 This week we move up to 1961. 1961 was a turning point for Major League Baseball. In 1961 we got the first league expansion in 60 years adding the Los Angles Angels and a new Washington Senator team replacing the old one that moved to Minnesota and became the Twins. The schedule also grew from 154 games to 162. The home run got extra press as Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris had their epic chase of the Babe's record 60 home run season. Check out "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1961".


10-31-21 Up next, 1964. In 1964 the Beatles made their first trip to the USA, Shea Stadium was opened, Willie Mays become the first negro team captain and IBM started selling the first commercial computer. And of course, Baseball continued to grow. The league featured Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Dick Allen, Sandy Koufax, Tony Oliva, Harmon Killebrew and Dean Chance. Talk about star power. I hope you enjoy catching up with Tele Sports "1964 Baseball Highlights".


11-7-21 We move on to 1965. In 1965 the Houston Astrodome opened and indoor baseball became a reality. The Milwaukee Braves were playing the final season. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Minnesota Twins made it to the World Series. Also, the first MLB draft was held in June. Rick Monday became the first ever pick. Check out "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1965".


11-14-21 This week we feature 1967. The St. Louis Cardinals dominated this season with 101 wins. The next best was the Boston Red Sox with 92. The AL featured a great playoff race with 4 teams within 3 games, two of them tied 1 game behind the Red Sox. The Red Sox had MVP Carl Yastrzemski who won the Triple Crown. The Cardinals featured Orlando Cepeda who was the unanimous NL MVP. Of course the Cardinals also had Bob Gibson. This was the last year of the Kansas City Athletics who moved to Oakland after the season. I noticed an interesting tidbit. The Cardinals led the league in attendance, averaging 25,804. The Red Sox were second averaging 21,331. Imagine, you could get tickets to games during exciting playoff runs. Times sure have changed. And they say Baseball is dyeing. Let's relive 1967 with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1967".


11-21-21 This week we move onto 1968. 1968 was quite a year, not just in baseball but in America. Political protests, an unpopular war, and in baseball it was dominate pitching, Often called the year of the pitcher the hurlers were so dominated and the hitters so anemic that baseball lowered the mound after the season. In both the AL and NL the Cy Young award and MVP were won by the same guys, Denny McLain and Bob Gibson. 339 shutouts were thrown in 1619 total games. As a whole the league only hit .230, the all time lowest. This was also the last season before divisional baseball. What a year. I hope you enjoy this look at 1968 with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1968".


11-28-21 Up next is 1969. Major League Baseball expanded by 4 teams this season and implemented divisional play. The new teams were the Kansas City Royals, Seattle Pilots, Montreal Expos and San Diego Padres. We had the first League Championship playoff series. Baltimore dominated the AL East while the upstart NL East was won by the amazing New York Mets. In a classic World Series the Mets pulled off an epic upset. Check out the new divisional alignment with "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1969".