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9-12-21 This week we feature another hall of famer, Leon Allen "Goose" Goslin. Goslin was a hard hitting outfielder who played for Washington (3 times), St. Louis and Detroit. His most famous accomplishment was his walk off single that won the World Series for Detroit in 1935. He got the nickname "Goose" because of his awkward mannerisms. He was known to flap his arms like a bird when running down fly balls in the outfield. He hit .316 for his career with 248 home runs and an even .500 slugging percentage. Listen to the stories from "Leon Allen "Goose" Goslin".


9-19-21 Here is a video about Rube Bressler. Bressler started his career as a pitcher for about 4 or 5 years then was converted to an outfielder where he really shined. As a left handed pitcher he was just average, career 26-32 with a 3.40 ERA. As an slick fielding outfielder he hit a career .301. Back in old time baseball it was not the most unusual thing for a pitcher to be converted to a fielder. Babe Ruth, Lefty O'Doul and Smokey Joe Wood are just a few examples. Check out his stories from when he was interviewed by writer Lawrence Ritter for Ritter's 1966 baseball classic The Glory of Their Times..


9-26-21 How do you get the nick name "Home Run" when you never hit more than 12 homers in a season and only hit 93 for your career. First you have to play in the dead ball era and then you need some postponed games where the newspaper guys had nothing else to write. In 1911 the Philadelphia press came up with Frank "Home Run" Baker during delays during the World Series. Baker had hit 2 homers in the series at that point and that was an accomplishment in those days. Check out the whole store of "The Athletics' Frank Home Run Baker".


10-3-21 The defensive shift is so common today that some are thinking of ways to limit its use. But when did the shift start. Lou Boudreau is often credited with creating the shift to defense Ted Williams in the 1940's. But in actuality the shift started 20 years earlier for another Williams. In the 1920's teams started using the shift against Philly slugger Fredrick "Cy" Williams. Williams had adapted his game to the Philadelphi Baker Bowl using the short right field wall. He became a slugger in Philadelphia leading the NL in homers and eventually becoming the all time leading home run hitter in the NL until Roger Hornsby surpassed in in 1929. I hope you enjoy "Phillies Left Handed Slugger Cy Williams".


10-10-21 Lefty O'Doul started his baseball career as a pitcher. He was a mediocre reliever who developed a sore arm. Still loving baseball he switched to the outfield where he really shined. He won a few batting titles and hit .349 for his career. His home town was San Francisco where he was a beloved figure. In fact the plaza around Oracle Park and a bridge are named after him. He was also instrumental in developing the Japanese League before and after World War 2. Check out the story of Lefty O'Doul


10-17-21 This week I start a new series. This series is full baseball season highlights. I've got a lot of seasons. The early seasons are a little spotty but they fill in pretty good with most of the seasons after 1980. We start off with 1959. The Dodgers are in LA playing in LA Coliseum. The Giants are in San Fransisco. In the AL the Yankees are in the midst of their pennant run but are challenged by the CHicago "Go-Go" Sox. I hope you enjoy "MLB Baseball's Seasons: 1959".