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6-20-21 Here's another look at Negro League stars. This week we get interviews with "Double Duty" Radcliffe and Campy Campanella. Of course everyone knows about Campanella who went from the Negro Leagues to the Dodgers and had a great career until an accident paralyzed him. Double Duty Radcliffe was also pretty well know as a pitcher, catcher and manager. It is great to hear stories from these guys. I hope you enjoy "Black Diamonds: Double Duty Radcliffe and Campy Campanella."


6-27-21 This week we will wrap up the recent tour of the Negro League Stars. Who were the top Negro League players of all-time. Some of the guys are no brainers but I know there are several top players that I did not know much about. And oh what nick names. Modern players don't seem to have to colorful nicknames that old time players had. Sit back and take in the "Top 25 Negro League Baseball Players of All-Time - Say hello to Biz, Pop,Turkey & Smokey Joe".


7-4-21 After our quick tour of Negro League stars I began thinking about all the other old-timers what we have basically forgotten about. I don't mean bit players, I mean star. Most of them Hall of Famers that we never had a chance to see and know very little about. There are a bunch of videos paying tribute to these guys and I would like to be part of that. This week I start with someone who I only vaguely remember hearing his name, Hans Lobert. He's not a Hall of Famer but he was rightfully considered. I hope you enjoy "Hans Lobert (1881-1968)".


7-11-21 Here is another star of early Baseball, Smoky Joe Wood. The interviewer does a fantastic job getting these players to talk about the game Sit back and take in "Smoky Joe Wood".


7-18-21 Back in the day Baseball players loved the game. They would do whatever it took to play. With the money in today's game I'm not sure that is the case anymore. This week we have an interview with Rube Marquad. He's a Hall of Fame lefty pitcher who won 19 games straight on one point, still a record today. He tells a great story of how he broke into baseball. Let's all listen and learn about the great "Rube Marquard - 19 game win streak"


7-25-21 This week I have a video about Davy Jones. No, not the singer from the Monkee's or the legendary sailor. We talking about an old-time outfielder who played alongside Ty Cobb among others. Nicknamed "Kangaroo" because of his penchant of jumping contracts he would fit in well today with player free agency. What great stories he tells. He was on third base was Germany Schaefer stole 2nd base then stole 1st base so he could mess up the pitcher and catcher then stole 2nd base again. He was also the first batter that Walter Johnson faced in the big leagues. What a treasure trove of stories. I hope you enjoy listening to the stories told by "Davy Jones".