An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

5-9-21 Last week we had a video about Jack Buck. This week we have a video about his one time broadcast booth partner, Harry Caray. Holy Cow, time for an ice cold Budweiser. Harry Caray was idolized in Chicago. I remember going to Chicago just to watch the Cubs for a couple of games and the biggest cheer of the day was when Harry Caray walked the cal walk to the broadcast booth before the game. The fans went wild. Except for Bob Uecker I don't think those type of characters are around any more. I hope you enjoy the MLB Network Presents - "Holy Cow! - The Story of Harry Caray (Post-World Series Championship edition)".


5-16-21 This past off-season Major League Baseball officially recognized the Negro Leagues as professional leagues. In my opinion this was long overdue. The Negro League stats now count as official stats for baseball. It brings into the baseball world some great players and a real important part of the history of the game. In honor of this I will present several Negro League video's. This week we have a general look at the Negro Leagues narrated by Dave Winfield. Check out "Pride & Perseverance: The Story of the Negro Leagues (2009) narrated by Dave Winfield".


5-23-21 Since I've started a little Negro League theme I thought the best way to kick it off would be to highlight perhaps the greatest catcher of all-time, Josh Gibson. Josh Gibson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972. With Major League Baseball now recognizing the Negro League stats as official Josh Gibson now holds the record for the highest single season batting average at .441. For a career Josh hit .359 with a .648 slugging percentage. He made 12 Negro League All-Star teams. It is estimated that he hit over 800 home runs in all his games but the independent games did not count for his official stats. Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby both felt that Josh Gibson was the best black player while they broke into the Major Leagues in 1945 and 1946. I hope you enjoy this look at "The Josh Gibson Story, Legend Behind the Plate".


5-30-21 Keeping with the Negro League theme here is an interview with Cool Papa Bell. Largely regarded as the fastest player to play baseball it is said that he used to beat out come-backers to the pitcher. On some stolen bases he would run through second and end up on third before the infielders could relay the throw. This video is mainly just an audio recording but it is informative to hear an interview with a legendary ball player. Here is "Black Diamonds: Cool Papa Bell, Judy Johnson".


6-6-21 With my tour around the Negro Leagues I've hit upon the major stars of the day (less Satchel Page who I feature quite a while ago). I now move on to some less know names but not lesser talents. This week we have Jimmie Crutchfield and Jack Marshall. Not the first names you think of but still great players. I have to admit I knew little about these guys but I find these interviews very interesting. Check out "Black Diamonds: Jimmie Crutchfield & Jack Marshall."


6-13-21 We continue the tour around the Negro Leagues. This week we get interviews with "Gentleman Dave Malarcher, New Allen and Ernie Banks. Another great look at Baseball from the Negro Leagues. I hope you enjoy "Black Diamonds: Dave Malarcher, Newt Allen, Ernie Banks."