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3-28-21 The start of the Baseball season is just around the corner. I do not believe there are any new ballparks this season but back in 1965 a new ballpark opened that was unlike any other. It was in Houston and was a dome, the Astrodome. It was hailed as the 8th Wonder of the World. Sadly (?) the park did not last as long as most of the Wonders of the World and has been imploded after plans to save it fell through. Catch up on the times with "MLB presents The Astrodome: The 8th Wonder of the World".


4-4-21 Before the Washington Nationals they were the Montreal Expo's. Most seasons the Expo's had very good teams. They developed a lot of players, many of them stars that had big personalities. Guys like Andre Dawson, Rusty Staub, Gary Carter, Larry Walker and Tim Raines. Add in the French speaking crowd and you got yourself an unique experience. I hope you enjoy "The Colorful Montreal Expos".


4-11-21 Darryl Kile was an elite Major League pitcher. He was an all-star several times. He pitched a no hitter. He won 20 games in a season. He had one of the nastiest curveballs in baseball. Unfortunately he also had an inherited heart problem and passed away at the age of 33 during the middle of the season. Here is a very good production from "MLB: The Life & Death of Darryl Kile".


4-18-21 In the late 1890's and early1900's baseball was such a different games. Teams sometimes traveled by wagon. Occassionly they would sleep outdoors in open fields or deserted buildings. The players that played the game did it because the loved the game and it sure beat working in a sweat shop. Their passion for the game helped build our passion for the game. They created the game we love. Check out "The Glory of Their Times -- Special Edition".


4-25-21 In 1956 Chrysler and Dodge sponsored a television theater type show called "Climax" This was an hour long movie type show with actors doing scripted shows. One show as based on baseball and was about the Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig. This week I present "The Lou Gehrig Story" from Climax..


5-2-21 One of the things about baseball has always been radio broadcasts. Who doesn't remember sitting in the back yard on a warm summer evening listening to the ball game. The announcers were intricate parts of the game. Red Barber, Harry Carry, Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell and Mel Allen are some of the famous ones. Another guy is a guy who started a family of announcers is the great Jack Buck. Jack Buck was the voice of the Cardinals. Check out "The Jack Buck Story".