An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-27-20 Last week we saw some baseball bat comparisons. I guess money can really buy a better bat. Bats are special to major league hitters and no bat company is more revered than Louisville Slugger. They have been the premier bat company for a century. Stars through the years have gone to Louisville and selected the ideal bat for them. Recently Joc Pederson went to Louisville and had a video company film the visit. Check it out, "Dodgers OF Joc Pederson visits Louisville Slugger".


1-3-21 Baseball seems to be all about the home run now. Everyone seems to be capable of hitting it out and most seem to try to do it all the time. The "tail of the tape" and tape measure home runs are all the fad. Maybe it started with the All-Star home run derby. Who knows? Every year the home runs seem to get longer. How far can it go. Well some science geeks got together to try to hit the worlds longest dinger. I hope you enjoy the "World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine)" from Smarter Every Day.


1-10-21 We are in a sad time in baseball. Members of the Baseball Hall of Fame have been passing away at a rapid pace. This week we lost Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda. The colorful Dodger manager loved to talk. He told stories as a manager and ended up doing television (The Baseball Bunch with Johnny Bench) and radio and television sports talk shows. He was not afraid to show his emotions. There are some great clips of his rants and who can forget his sprint onto the field when Kurt Gibson hit is dramatic World Series walk off home run. From MLB productions here is "Remembering Tommy Lasorda, a Baseball and Dodgers Legend".


1-17-21 Put a couple of engineering geeks who like baseball and you never know what will happen. How about a bat with an explosive charge in it. These guys are attempting to hit the longest home run ever and have come up with an unique bat to do it. Check out "Explosive Bat in Slow Motion Footage from Stuff Made Here" by Smarter Every Day.


1-24-21 Another sad week in Baseball. This week 2 Hall of Famers passed on, Don Sutton and Hank Aaron. I usually on present one video a week. This week I will show a tribute to Hammering Hank Aaron. Next week I will show the tribute to Don Sutton. Unassuming Hank Aaron filled up the stat sheet. He is the all time leader in several offensive categories and of course retired with the Home Run crown beating out Babe Ruth. That alone makes him one of the greatest players of all time. He also fought the racism that prevailed in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, The FBI had to protect him during his chase of Ruth's record. I sadly present "Remembering Hank Aaron, One of the Greatest MLB Players Ever" from the MLB Network.


1-31-21 It looks like we made it through a week in Baseball without a Hall of Famer passing away. This week we will catch up after by-passing Don Sutton in favor of Hank Aaron last week. In a way it seems appropriate as Don Sutton was often overlooked as a great pitcher. A four time all-star Sutton won 324 games over 23 years and had 58 shutouts. In his 23 years he never missed a scheduled start, starting 756 games. Now that is a workhorse. He is seventh on the all-time strikeout list with 3574. He only won 20 games once but won more than 10 games in 21 seasons. He started his career with the Dodgers but moved around late in his career taking advantage of free agency. After his playing career he moved onto broadcasting, the majority of which was with the Atlanta Braves. Check out "The Baseball Hall of Fame Remembers Don Sutton".


2-7-21 Thankfully no Hall of Famers passed on this week so we are back to a more cheerful video. This one is about Max Scherzer. Seems Max has a reputation as being a psycho. Being a psycho is not good thing for a doctor or lawyer but for a baseball player is doesn' seem to make much of a difference. Sit back and enjoy, "Max Scherzer, The Biggest Psycho in Baseball".