An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

11-15-20 We're in the FBN trade season. We all hope to make that big trade that will improve our team. Can we pull one off that everyone says is a steal or our we the victim. That is our worst nightmare. The kind of trade that other guys are saying what the he** was he thinking. It happens to everyone. Even to the Major League teams with scouts and staffs that supposedly know this stiff. Here is a video that show that sometimes teams do make mistakes. Check out the "8 WORST MLB Trades in the Last 10 Years".


11-22-20 Good luck to everyone as we all prepare for the draft. We all hope to draft someone who can man a position on our team for years and shine while doing it. Back in 1999 the Hotlanta Possums hit the jackpot. They drafted Adrian Beltre who became a all-star caliber third baseman for years. He recently retired but left a highlight reel career behind. Of course you have to have fun on the ball field and Beltre was known as a player who enjoyed the game. Check out some of his lighter moments on the "Best of Adrian Beltre".


11-29-20 There is a lot to deal with when you are a professional athlete. At least that is what I read. You get all this advice about everything, playing, practicing, being a good team mate, how to act in the clubhouse, etc. You need to find a balance with being what the team wants and being yourself. Here is an interesting video about Mike Clevinger. "It Wasn't Always Sunshine: The Story of Mike Clevinger".


12-6-20 There have been a few scandals in baseball recently, most notably the Houston Astro "trashcan" sign stealing scandal. Every team tries to get an advantage. Some break the rules doing so and if caught they pay the penalty. Most of the time they get away with it though. Here is a video revealing "Every MLB Team's Most CHEATINGEST Moment - Ranked". Check it out.


12-13-20 It seems like pitchers and hitters are getting stronger every year and the baseball is getting faster and faster. How fast can it get and if it got really fast would you even be able to catch it. Well, Bud Drapeau found a video with some scientist trying to catch a 1000 MPH baseball. Check it out. If anyone else finds an interesting video email the link to me so I can check it out and possibly include it in the future. Check out, "Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball" from Smarter Every Day.


12-20-20 Christmas is at the end of this week. I hope you have your shopping finished. Do you still need something for a baseball fan. How about a baseball bat. You can get a cheap bat or spend a fortune on one. Does it really make a difference. Check out this review of Louisville Slugger bats, "$30 WOOD BAT vs $150 WOOD BAT - Louisville Slugger Wood Bat Reviews from the Bat Bros in VEGAS". Oh, and don't forget overnight shipment if you need it by Christmas.