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8-23-20 In honor of Rob Bruno's 1961 recreated season I have found a feature about the 1961 World Series. I can not get a full game since for some reason the 1961 World Series is copyrighted but I do have the World Series highlights. The Cincinnati Reds are facing the New York Yankees. We have two historic parks, Yankee Stadium and Crosley Field. This is a nice highlight produce in the 60's. I like the old time credits. This video is presented by Sports History Channel. Check out the "1961 World Series Highlights".


8-30-20 2020 seems to be shaping up as a summer of unrest with protests and civil uprising through out America. This has happened before. The most famous time was 1968. 1968 also featured a fantastic World Series. Lets hope 2020 matches that. In 1968 the Detroit TIgers and St. Louis Cardinals hooked up in a 7 game classic. I have already shown game 7. Here is game 2. Denny McClain starts for Detroit. I hope you enjoy game 2 of the 1968 World Series Detroit at St. Louis.


9-6-20 Baseball lost one of its greats this week, Tom Seaver. As a kid I first really started following baseball in the late 60's, The 67 Red Sox and the 69 Mets are what captured me. Tom Seaver was one of my hero's. I followed him like no other player. He was just dominate and had the personality to back it up. When the Mets traded him it broke my heart and made me learn that baseball was a business and not just a game. Amazingly he was was on 4 teams and was even lost in an expansion draft. How could you trade Tom Terrific. He ended up on the Red Sox but was past his prime by the time that happened but it did bring together two of my favorites. Here is a nice tribute to Tom Seaver fitting named "RIP Tom Seaver".


9-13-20 Last week Baseball lost Tom Seaver. This week Baseball lost Lou Brock. Lou was a great player who the Cardinals stole from the Cubs in a lopsided trade. He made the Cardinal club go. An amazing base stealer he could also he collected over 3000 in his career. On the bases Lou Brock had no equal. He stole over 50 bases in 12 straight seasons finishing his career with 938. Now that is a lead off hitter. Check out "Remembering Lou Brock" for MLB network.


9-20-20 Thankfully no baseball Hall of Famers passed away this week so we are back to World Series games. This week we move on to 1973, the New York Mets versus the Oakland Athletics. It's game 7 being played in Oakland. Ken Holtzman starts for Oakland and Jon Matlack for New York. The Mets feature Rusty Staub, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote and Felix Milan. Check out how Milan chokes up on the bat. Your won't see that in todays game. The A's feature Burt Campaneris, Joe Rudi, Reggie Jackson and Sal Bando. I hope you enjoy the 1973 World Series Game 7, the Mets at the A's.


9-27-20 Think back to 1974. Things seamed calmer then. Baseball was more of a game. In 1974 the Oakland A's made it back to the World Series. This year they face the Los Angeles Dodgers. The A's have pretty much the same team as 1973. Bert Campaneris, Joe Rudi, Sal Bando, Reggie Jackson and Gene Tenance are their core. Ken Holtzman gets the starting pitcher nod. The Dodgers have Andy Messersmith on the mound. The have their iron man infield of Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes and Ron Cey. A young Bill Buckner is in the outfield with Jimmy Wynn. A couple of Hall of Fame announcers call the game, Curt Gowdy and Vin Scully. Drift back to the 1974 World Series Game 1, the Oakland A's. versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.