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4-19-20 Gillette presents, from Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, the 1952 World Series Game Six between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees. Now we are featuring a real old time classic. How classic, well the announcers are Red Barber and Mel Allen. How about that. This is the full game. The intro is by Bob Costas because the audio was messed up until the first pitch. Sit back and enjoy some old time baseball.


4-26-20 In 1983 the Philadelphia Phillies loaded up with ex Cincinnatti Reds and made it to the World Series. The featured Joe Morgan, Pete Rose and Tony Perez to go along with Mike Schmidt. They lacked depth in their pitching staff though and in game 5 of the series they had to start Charles Hudson. They faced a Baltimore Oriole team that lacked a lot of big names. A young Cal Ripken was joined by veterans Eddie Murray and Rick Dempsey. They had a very good pitching staff though and they started Scott McGregor in game 5. Earl Weaver was in the announcing booth (check out his hair) along with Howard Cosell. This week I bring you the 1983 World Series, Game 5: Baltimore Orioles @ Philadelphia Phillies


5-3-20 In 1984 the San Diego Padres hooked up with the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. The Padres featured Tony Gwynn, Steve Garvey and Greg Nettles. The Tigers had Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker, Kirk Gibson and Chet Lemon. The Tigers control this series 3 games to one. This week I bring you the 1984 World Series, Game 5: San Diego Padres @ Detroit Tigers. Enjoy


5-10-20 Let's head back to 1985. That season the world series featured two in state teams. No not from New York or California but from Missouri. The St. Louis Cardinals met the Kansas City Royals in an astro-turf world series. John Tudor started the game for St.Louis who featured Ozzie Smith, Jack Clar, Andy Van Slyke, and Terry Pendelton. A young Brett Saberhagen started the game for Kansas City who featured George Brett, Frank White, and Willie Wilson. Sit back, pop a cold one and replay the 1985 World Series, Game 7: St. Louis Cardinals @ Kansas City Royals. Enjoy


5-17-20 I've presented a string of 1980's World Series games. 1983, 1984, then 1985. Now comes a killer for Red Sox fans, 1986. The Red Sox are up 3 games to 2 against the New York Mets. Could this be the year the Sox break the curse of the Bambino? I hope you Red Sox fans don't break your computer when you watch this. Here is the 1986 World Series, Game 6: Red Sox @ Mets.


5-24-20 Next up in the our World Series reviews is 1987. This year the St. Louis Cardinals face the Minnesota Twins. We get Kirby Puckett and Kent Hrbrek, with their homer hanky waving fans.versus Ozzie Smith and Vince Coleman led by manager Whitey Herzog. I hope you have noticed how in the 80's so many different teams made the World Series. Money did not rule the 80's, parity did. Sit back and enjoy the 1987 World Series, Game 7 St Louis at Minnesota.