An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

3-8-20 From the immortal Walter Johnson last week to the immortal Bartolo Colon this week. Kind a different ends of the spectrum but both guys were effective. Bartolo's career seemed like it would never end but he kept putting up good seasons. Did Roland see something in Colon or did he just get lucky. (My vote is lucky). Check out this video about the "Immortal Bartolo Colon".


3-15-20 After a video about Bartolo Colon we need to look at the other extreme. Bartolo is not the most athletic player in the majors. Here is a video featuring unbelievable athletic plays. Bartolo can only dream about doing this stuff. The athletic stuff features mainly middle infielders and outfielders where teams concentrate their most athletic players. I hope you enjoy "MLB Unbelievably Athletic Plays Supercut".


3-22-20 With the Major League Baseball season delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic (I hope everyone and their family stays healthy) I thought I would do something I have been avoiding for the most part due to the length of the video, That is present some videos of full games. And not just any games, I'm talking classics. Without MLB to occupy our time lets watch some of the classics. First up is the 1968 World Series game 7 between St.Louis and Detroit.


3-29-20 This week I present another classic baseball game. This one is my favorite. 1975 World Series game 6, Cincinnati Reds at Boston Red Sox. This is the famous Carlton Fisk home run game. I remember watching this when I was a kid, my folks letting me stay up to see the end of the game. The game is long due to the extra innings but this game had more twists and drama then some entire World Series. How many of you remember the Bernie Carbo homer. I hope you enjoy the game.


4-5-20 This week the game of the week is the 1969 World Series, game 1. The New York Mets versus the Baltimore Orioles. The "amazing" Mets start Tom Seaver while the Orioles trot out Mike Cuellar. Both guys led their league in wins in 1969. Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the game.


4-12-20 This week we head back to 1951. This was a peak time for baseball. Daytime baseball. The New York teams were the king of the hill and the World Series featured two New York teams. The New York Yankees versus the New York Giants. I think you will recognize a few of the names. This series was full of stars. I bring you the "1951 World Series game 6, Yankees versus Giants". Note: this is just a highlight film lasting about 8 minutes.