An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

1-26-20 Here is a video from a company called MTC titled "MLB Average Players Dominating Superstars". I don't really see how they came up with the word dominating since they are just showing one play. I wouldn't necessarily call that dominating but I didn't come up with the title. Anyway it shows some neat stuff so I hope you enjoy it.


2-2-20 I have another feature about a baseball superstar. This one is about the great Juan Marichal. Juan had a huge leg kick in his delivery and seeing a game you instantly knew it was Marichal pitching. And boy could he pitch. He was one of the first Latin stars and paved the way for the big latin population in the bigs today. Here is "Juan Marichal" from MLB Network.


2-9-20 A few weeks ago we had a video featuring AL 2019 MVP Mike Trout. This week we return to the National League and have a video featuring NL 2019 Most Valuable Player Cody Bellinger. Bellinger had a dominate 2019 season leading his team to the World Series. I hope you enjoy "Cody Bellinger, 2019 NL MVP".


2-16-20 Baseball is trying to change to attract younger fans. They have come up with some controversial new rules and some new suggestions for changes. Not everyone is happy with the changes. One vocal guy is Trevor Bauer. Let's just say he is not a fan of Commissioner Rob Bruno, oh, I mean Rob Manfred. Check out how "Trevor Bauer GOES OFF on MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred!!" Thanks to Roland Klee for submitting this video.


2-23-20 The FBN draft is today and we all hope to land the greatest player who ever lived. Well baseball's greatest player never actually played baseball. He was the ultimate prospect. He could throw 168 miles per hour. He was unbelievable. Why didn't he play. There is a long story behind that. Find out by watching the video, "Baseball's Greatest Player Never Actually Played Baseball". Good luck to everyone in the draft.


3-1-20 .I hope everyone enjoyed the draft. I know we all hope we found a diamond in our picks. Perhaps a pitcher who would win 417 games in his career. Or have a 2.17 lifetime era. Or only give up 97 home runs in 5914 career innings. How about 531 complete games or 110 career shut outs. How about 3508 career strikeout and to top it off a 1.061 career WHIP. Sounds too good to be true but back in the day there was a pitcher who did all that. His name, Walter Johnson. An inaugural member of the Hall of Fame he is widely regarded as one of the best pitchers of all time. His mechanics were great. As a power pitcher you would expect him to come over the top or 3/4's but he was a sidearmer. Today's coaches would coach that sidearm out of him. Here is a nice video featuring the "Pitching Mechanics of Walter Johnson".