An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-15-19 Here is a video featuring the 2019 Gold Glove Winners. Remember when they were called the Rawlings Gold Glove winners. I guess I showing my age. There is not much to add for this videos description. I hope you enjoy these highlights.


12-22-19 When I was growing up one of my all time favorite players was Roberto Clemente. He did it all. His defense was unbelievable. His arm was dominate. He hit for average. He stole bases. He hit in the clutch. There pretty much was nothing he could not due. Then, just after getting his 3000th hit came the fatal plane crash while on an earthquake relief trip. So sad. Who knows what kind of numbers he could have put up with another couple of seasons. For your entertainment please check out, the "MLB Remembers The Legacy of Roberto Clemente".


12-29-19 As 2019 ends it is common to look back on the year. In baseball that means looking back at the 2019 season. There were some great moments during the 2019 season. I found a nice video featuring the top plays of the season. I hope you enjoy the "Top 100 Plays of 2019, MLB Highlights" from MLB Productions.


1-5-20 New York Yankee catcher Thurman Munson was a throwback player. Hard nosed he lived baseball. He was also an outstanding player. Unfortunately his career was cut short by a plane accident at the age of 32. Here is a nice video about the captain, "Thurman Munson, ESPN 10 Year Tribute"


1-12-20 For the past few seasons one player has dominated like very few others have over the history of baseball. That player is Mike Trout. He pretty much owns the AL MVP award having won it several times including 2019. He pretty much does it all. Presented is a nice video featuring "Mike Trout Your 2019 MVP" from MLB Productions.


1-19-20 Sometimes a young player comes up to the big leagues and catches fire. Frequently the league catches up to them and they fizzle out. Once a while the player is good and stays good. One such player was Tony Conigliaro. He was destined for greatness. However back his day the pitchers owned the plate. You take too much of the plate as a hitter and you can expect to get beaned. Conigliaro suffered a gruesome injury, getting hit in the face and he never really came all the way back. Check out the "Tony Conigliaro Story, a Documentary".