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8-11-19 Time for some humor. With what has been going on in the the US lately I thought we could all use a good laugh. Probably the funniest guy in baseball today is Bob Uecker. He tells a great story and always seems to have a humorous spin to it. Remember him in the movie "Major Leagues". I will always remember the line "just a bit outside" when the pitcher missed the strikezone by 10 feet. Anyway, here is the Uke on the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1971". I hope it can make you laugh.


8-18-19 From Bob Uecker we move on to one of the best baseball players of all time. Speed, power, defense, arm, batting this guy could do it all. The Red Sox scouted him and the scouts said sign him but there was one problem, he was the wrong color for Red Sox owner Tom Yawkee. The Red Sox stupid move was the Giants prize. We are talking Willie Mays. He did it all for the Giants. The enthusiasm he had for the game was something else. He would even play stick ball with kids in the street. You can't ask any more than that. I hope you enjoy ESPN Classics "Sports Century, Willie Mays", the Say Hey Kid.


8-25-19 Baseball players are just like everyone else in a competitive environment. They look to get any advantage that they can get. Even if it a little bit against the rules. They will stretch the rules as much as they can get away with. Sometimes they get caught. Hitters, pitchers, defenders, heck even the guys on the bench will try something if they can. Here is a video focusing on pitchers. Check out "MLB, Pitcher Illiegal Moves".


9-1-19 The National Football League will begin its season next week. What does that have to do with this baseball site. Well there have been about 70 players who have played in both the NFL and MLB. Some notable guys include George Halas, Jim Thorpe, Brian Jordan, and Dion Sanders. Perhaps the most famous two sport player though was Bo Jackson. Bo knew football, Bo knew baseball but as Bo Diddley said, Bo don't know diddley. Jackson was the only player to be an All-Star in both leagues. He was an amazing athlete whose career ended to early because of a hip injury. I hope you enjoy ESPN Classics "Sports Century, Bo Jackson".


9-8-19 Baseball is a competitive game. Guys play hard and most give it their all. Competition can get rough sometimes. Tempers can flare and we have all seen some ugly acts on the field. Occasionaly though we get those moments that we are taught as kids, be a good sport.. Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to your opponent and recognize that their good play was just better that yours. Check out "MLB Best Sportsmanship Moments". Note, to view this video you will have to click Watch this Video on YouTube" after starting the video when the second screen comes up.


9-15-19 We all know how the great Jackie Robinson paved the way for black players in baseball. Before Jackie there was another player paving the way for his race. That player was Hank Greenberg. Hank was the first star Jewish player in baseball. In 1930 he became a Detroit Tiger, and a great player at that. There was much anti semitism in baseball in those times and Greenberg had to put up with a lot of taunting. He overcame all that and became an all-star and 2 time MVP eventually ending up in the Hall of Fame. I hope you enjoy ESPN Classics "Sports Century, Hank Greenberg".