An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

6-30-19 The Red Sox and Yankees are playing a series in jolly old London this weekend. London's Olympic Stadium becomes the newest Major League baseball stadium. A converted soccer field it has a few flaws and lacks some baseball charm although it does have some nice European quirks. It does not compare to the top US fields though. Here is a video presenting someone's opinion of "The Best Baseball Stadiums in the US".


7-7-19 Who do you believe is baseballs all time home run leader. Is it Babe Ruth? Is it Barry (steroid) Bonds. How about Hank Aaron? You can make a case for all three. Bonds of course has the record based on number but he has the steroid stigma hanging over him. Ruth was so much better than his peers. Aaron was Mr. Consistency hitting homers over a long career and he never had doping allegations. Hammer'n Hank also had quite a front office career and had to deal with all the racial BS during his career. Check out "ESPN's Sports Century, Hank Aaron".


7-14-19 As I search the internet for videos for this segment I find some interesting stuff. I also find some videos that I believe, let's call it "lacking research". This is one of those. It is titled "10 MLB Records that are Impossible to Break". My go to impossible stat is CY Young's career wins at 511. It is absolutely safe in todays game. A couple other of his records are career complete games at 749 or innings pitched at 7356. I feel both are impossible records to break today. There are others but check out what this guy came up with, "10 MLB Records that are Impossible to Break".


7-21-19 There are a lot of video's about New York Yankee players. Of course they had the great teams in the 50's and early 60's and they were from the major media market so naturally they had a lot of stars to showcase. I've show a bunch of video's about Yankee players but I don't think I've had one about Mickey Mantle's sidekick, Billy Martin. Billy Martin was a semi-star as a player, more of gritty player than a superstar. He was also a gritty manager who had famous battles with George Steinbrenner. I hope you enjoy "Yankeeography, Billy Martin" from the Yes Network.


7-28-19 Sometimes something happens and you know you will have to pay for it somehow. Something else will happen to even out your luck. We've all seen it in Strat where we score 15 runs and get every roll one game then can't buy a roll the next game and you get shut out. Well that is karma. Sometimes that payback happens in the same game. Here is a video about "MLB Instant Karma".


8-4-19 What can you say about Bob Gibson. He was one of the toughest competitors or all time. We won two Cy Young awards and the NL MVP in 1968. He won nine gold gloves and "owned" the batters box. A hitter did not dig in against Gibson. He would end up on the ground if he did. Bob Gibson was such a good athlete that he even played for the Harlem Globetrotters before the made the Cardinals. Perhaps the best description of Gibson came from Joe Torre who said "Pride, intensity, talent, respect, dedication. You need them all to describe Bob Gibson." I hope you enjoy "Sports Century, Bob Gibson" from ESPN's Classics.