An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

5-19-19 I found another ball park video. This one is about one of the classics, Wrigley Field. All parks change over time. There are minor and major updates to keep the stadium as up to date and as profitable as possible. This video highlights the evolution of Wrigley Field. I hope you enjoy "Wrigley Field's Evolution".


5-26-19 One of my favorite players of all time is Lou Gehrig. The quiet guy who just produced is my kind of player. The fact that he played minor league ball in Hartford Connecticut is just a bonus. I believe he made the Yankee's the dynasty that they became. Without him it would have been too easy to work around Ruth. Gehrig's presence made Ruth better. I think Ruth knew it too. Check out ESPN's "Sports Century, Greatest Athletes #34 Lou Gehrig.


6-2-19 Denny McLain was a superstar pitcher during the late 60's and early 70's. The last guy to win 30 games (with current usage maybe the last ever) he had dominating seasons. He won 2 Cy Young awards and an AL MVP award. He was special on the mound. Off the field he had issues though. He clashed with management and teammates. He also had issues with the law. Associated with organized crime and bookmaking he was convicted of embezzlement and spent time in prison. Here is an interesting video, "Beyond the Glory, Denny McLain" from Fox Sports Net.


6-9-19 This past Wednesday was the 75th anniversary of D-Day. World War II defined a generation. Many many men (and some women) performed duties that you wouldn't think possible. More than one baseball player stepped up during the war. One guy who gets forgotten is Moe Berg. He really didn't talk about the war but he was a crucial piece. Check out "ESPN's Sports Century, Moe Berg".


6-16-19 Today is Fathers Day. For most of the guys in our league our fathers have passed on but many of us are Fathers ourselves. I hope you enjoy your day. One of the happy thoughts I have of my father is playing wiffle ball in the back yard. Of course we had our own rules, over the house was a home run, over the garage was a double. I found a nice wiffle ball video. Of course, I didn't play wiffle ball at this level. These guys are extraordinary. I hope you enjoy your Fathers Day and "The Worlds Greatest Wiffle Ball Tournament".


6-23-19 Albert Pujols returned to St. Louis this week, his first game back after years in Anaheim and he received a huge standing ovation. Pujols was the man in St. Louis while he was there. He was the best player in baseball at the time and the fans loved him. While he was great he was probably not the greatest Cardinal. That honor falls to Stan "The Man" Musial. Both players were great but Musial even had the name, The Man. Here is "ESPN Classics Sports Century, Stan Musial".