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4-07-19 The Chicago Cubs are one of the charter National League members. There are a lot of firsts associated with the Cubs. Imagine, the manager and starting pitcher for the Cubs first game was A.G. Spalding. You got to love that history. I hope you enjoy the "History of the Chicago Cubs".


4-14-19 Recently Babe Ruth's adopted daughter passed away. It is just another indication that we are moving farther and farther away for the golden day of baseball. The Babe was without doubt the most famous baseball player of all time. As has been said, in the big game in the sky Babe will pitch and bat fourth. That's about all you need to know when talking great players. Here is an ESPN Classic "Sports Century, Babe Ruth".


4-21-19 When a city has more than one team in a major sport one of the teams usually dominates the other as far as publicity and popularity goes. The Yankees dominate the Mets. The Dodgers dominate the Angles and the Cubs rule over the White Sox. We know a lot about the Cubs but unless you are a White Sox fan we hear very little about the White Sox. They are like the kid sister who just hangs around and no one really pay much attention too. Well the White Sox are quite a storied franchise. Establlsed in 1901 the Go-Go Sox are more than a kid sister. Check out the "History of the Chicago White Sox."


4-28-19 Most New Englander's who watched sports in the 60's, 70's and 80's grew to love Carl Yastrzemski. "Yaz" was a Boston legend. He was a constant in the Red Sox landscape. A great left fielder he played the "Wall" as if he owned it. We're talking the old wall with all the dents, bumps, and seams. Plus he could hit. We won the triple crown in 1967. Always among the league leaders he was just a great player. He also owns the distinction of being the first ex-Little Leaguer to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I hope you like ESPN's Sports Century, Carl Yastrzemski",


5-5-19 Detroit was on original American League city. While the team name was not always the Tigers the original franchise can be tracked to today. They have won pennants and have had plenty of stars. We are talking big stars like Ty Cobb, Al Kaline. and Miguel Cabrera. I hope you enjoy "Detroit Tigers History".


5-12-19 Charlie Hustle. A great baseball player and a so so gambler. We're talking Pete Rose. No one can really disparage his baseball playing, heck he is the all time hit leader. The other stuff, well, everyone has an opinion. This video is all about baseball. It gathers together some of his top moments. Check out "Pete Rose, Top 14 Moments".