An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

2-24-19 I feel that we may have gotten into a bad routine. When a baseball great dies I like to feature a video about the player. Well, we've had too many lately. This week the great Don Newcombe passed away. Kind of a forgotten great player Don Newcombe helped lead negro's into the forefront of Major League Baseball. Newcombe won the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP during his career. And this was back when they only had one winner for the entire league. I hope you enjoy "Don Newcombe, Rough Cut 2".


3-3-19 How about something about the Minnesota Twins. They have been around for a long time and have had some great players. Kirby Puckett, Frank Howard, Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison, Tony Oliva and Rod Carew to name a few. They have won pennants and the World Series. Here is a nice video featuring a round table with some players. I hope you like "1961-1985 The Minnesota Twins - Fist 25 Years".


3-10-19 This week it was announced that Tom Seaver has dementia. Seaver was one of my favorite players growing up. He dominated. When elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame he had the highest vote percentage at the time. He won just about every award possible and was pretty much as respected off the field as on. The only blip, Seaver demanding a trade when asking for 300K a year in 1977. The family probably made the announcement about the dementia because this is the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Miracle Mets. Our thoughts are with Tom and his family as they deal with this terrible disease. Dick Schaap has a nice interview with Tom Seaver on ESPN Classic. Check out "Schaap One on One - Tom Seaver".


3-17-19 The Boston Braves are no more. After Boston the moved to Milwaukee then on to Atlanta. Back in the Boston days they had their good times and bad. Many in Boston loved the Braves more then the Red Sox. The Braves were the common guys baseball team. They played in Nickerson Field which became Braves Field but was lovingly known as the Wigwam. Here is a nice piece about "Remembering the Wigwam, Braves Field and Nickerson Field".


3-24-19 It's about time for another Mickey Mantle video. We have not had one in a while. Mickey does not need any introduction. The Oklahoma farm boy was probably the best switch hitter of all time and he dominated for a number of years. Of course he was a Yankee and had the advantage of the great Yankee teams and ever present New York media but he sure was a star. I hope you enjoy, "Sports Century, Mickey Mantle" from ESPN Classic.


3-31-19 Dean Morris sent in this video about Adam Dunn.. It's from the boys at SB Nation and Dorktown; "Adam Dunn had the weirdest career in MLB History". Since many of us are dorks too Dean thought we might like this video and I agree. If anyone else see's something that we might be interested in let me know.