An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

1-13-19 The Cleveland Indians have a long and storied baseball history. Like most teams they have had good times and bad. They have also had their share of stars. From Lou Boudreau to Herb Score, Bob Feller to Sam McDowell, Al Rosen to Albert Belle. Check out the "Cleveland Indians History as of 1982".


1-20-19 I have a video about perhaps the best player who is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Of course I'm talking about Pete Rose, aka Charlie Hustle. Rose has been banned from Baseball because of gambling issues but he was a hell of player. He holds the hit record and that alone would make him Hall worthy if it wasn't for his gambling. He also managed but was not as successful doing that as playing the game. Here is ESPN Classics "Sports Century, The Pete Rose Story".


1-27-19 Ballparks. I love them. Here is another video about ballparks and their history. This one is about Detroit Michigan. Detroit has a long history of baseball parks. While Detroit's Tigers Stadium is the most famous there has been other. Check out "A History of Detroit Major League Stadiums and Detroit Tigers Stadium".


2-3-19 I have a video about Klee's Klubbers, oops, I mean the 1962 New York Mets. When you think of losing you think of the Klubbers, oops I mean the 62 amazing Mets. The new expansion team had a lot of challenges and it took a while for them to develop but by 1969 we saw a miracle. Will we ever seen one with the Klubbers? Check out the "1962 New York Mets".


2-10-19 Frank Robinson passed away this week. He was one of the games greats. He won or earned just about every accolade you can think of. He started with winning Rookie of the Year. Then he was a two time Most Valuable Player and the only player ever named MVP in both leagues. For his career he hit .294 with a .389 on base and .537 slugging. To go along with that he hit 586 home runs currently ranking 10th on the all time list. He was a fierce competitor and a real leader. He became the first black manager in baseball and managed for 16 years. After that he became an executive in the Major League Baseball office. That impressive resume earned him induction into the baseball Hall of Fame. To top all that off, when in high school he also played basketball and was captain of the team. By the way, also on the team was Bill Russell. I hope you enjoy this video from ESPN's Sports Century.


2-17-19 Here is another video about an old time baseball team, the Boston Braves. Babe Ruth played his final games for the Boston Braves. Boston always a Red Sox town. The Braves were like their little sister. After struggling for years the Boston Braves moved to Milwuakee and then eventually to Atlanta. Check out the "Boston, The Way it Was, The Boston Braves" from PBS in 1995.