An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-2-18 As readers of this column know I love old time Baseball. I mean the early 1900's when baseball was discovering itself. Here is a very nice video about the early days. It is a bit long at 45 minutes but I think it is worth it. I hope you enjoy "The Glory of Their Times".


12-9-18 Medical advances have really changed pitching in baseball. Some of the greats had careers cut short due to injuries that today are routinely corrected. Image what kind of career a guy like Sandy Koufax could of had today. He was dominate but his arm could not hold up and his career was incredibly short. But what a career it was. Here is a "Baseball Documentary, Sandy Koufax" from ESPN Classics.


12-16-18 Sometimes it is interesting to find out about the early years of a team. A little bit of history behind the beginnings of the team can sometimes shed light upon a teams makeup and direction. The Baltimore Orioles are not one of the original group of baseball teams. They have only been around since the 1950's. The offspring of the St. Louis Browns the Orioles had an interesting start. Enjoy "The Baltimore Orioles, 1954-1958 The Early Years.


12-23-18 Another old baseball video. This one features baseball teams lost to time. It features the St. Louis Browns, Boston Braves and Philadelphia Athletics. All three teams that have moved and are still around as different teams but these teams are missed by the original cities. These are baseballs "Lost Teams".


12-30-18 Here's a look at the history of another baseball team. This time it's the Pittsburgh Pirates. Pittsburgh has a long baseball history. Like most teams they have had their good times and bad. From Wagner to Traynor, Mazeroski to Clemente, Stargell to Bonds. I hope you enjoy the "The Pittsburgh Pirates, Past and Present".


1-6-19 I found another Baseball Documentary from ESPN Classics. This one features Dennis Eckersley. A lot of us remember him as an amazing relief pitcher. He was dominate as a reliever. Before he was a reliever he was a great starter. Arm injuries reduced his effectiveness as a starter so he switched to the pen. He took to it like a duck to water. And now, here is "Baseball Documentary, Dennis Eckersley".