An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

10-21-18 If you watched the Red Sox versus Astro's playoff series on television you may have saw Nolan Ryan in the stands. The greatest strikeout pitcher of all time Ryan was incredible. He had over 5700 strikeouts. He also had seven no-hitters, wow. I had to find a video of him and did find a good one. Its called "VHS, Nolan Ryan, Feel the Heat". I hope you enjoy it.


10-28-18 Back to "Not So Serious Baseball". It's a look at the lighter side of baseball. Players goofing around to lighten the moment. Here is "Not So Serious Baseball, Part 2."


11-4-18 With the MLB and FBN World Series fresh in our minds I thought about the early baseball World Series. I found a nice video about Walter Johnson and the World Series. Walter Johnson was one of the best pitchers of all time. He was a flame thrower back in the days when most guys threw soft stuff. Of course he also had to pitch deep into games, not like today's get to the bullpen mentality. Here is "The Story of Walter Johnson and the World Series".


11-11-18 Recently, Willie McCovey passed away. McCovey was one of my favorite players when I was a kid. He seemed to always have fun and "Stretch" was a terror at the plate. He paired with Willie Mays to form a fearsome twosome. I hope you enjoy "Remembering a Giant, A Look Back at Willie McCovey's Career".


11-18-18 It's All-Star time in the FBN. As we ponder our selections I found an All-Star related video. How about choosing the all time all-star team from Major League Baseball. We should have an expert select it. How about Connie Mack. Here is a video of Connie Mack selecting his All Time All-Star Team. He is doing this on May 29, 1937.


11-25-18 Last week I brought you some Connie Mack video. After that I had to do something about the Philadelphia A's. Yes the Oakland A's were in Philadelphia at one time with a pit stop in Kansas City. Here is a nice video of "Why Philadelphia Lost the Athletics".