An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

7-29-18 Old time baseball. No not the 1950's, real old, the deadball era. This is when guys really played for the love of the game. For most it wasn't even a career as many didn't earn a living wage back then but they built the game. They created the tradition and the strategy. Unfortunately we don't have much video of the games and players but there are snippets and still pictures. Here are "The Faces and Voices of the Deadball Era".


8-5-18 Vin Scully was great whenever he broadcast any sport. Baseball, boxing, wrestling.., oh that all happened at a ball game. The Dodgers and Padres got together one day and the king of broadcasters was he usual brilliant self describing the action. Check out "Vin Scully Sorts Out Dodgers-Padres Commotion".


8-12-18 More old time baseball. Two weeks ago we saw the "Faces and Voices of the Deadball Era". This week we get a second episode. I love history and the history of baseball is one of the greatest thing about the game in my opinion. The grittiness of the early players, the characters, the stories. I find them priceless. Here is "More Faces and Voices of the Deadball Era".


8-19-18 Everyone gets bored during a rain delay. The fans get antsy and the players get frisky. Sitting around is no fun. Some players take it into their hands to spice things up during this down time. Here is a "Funniest Rain Delay Compilation.


8-26-18 As we approach the stretch run in Major League Baseball our attention turns to the pennant races. We remember the epic battles over the years, how teams fought back and how teams collapsed. Perhaps the greatest collapse of all time, no it doesn't involve the Boston Red Sox, it is the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies. Check out "Strike Out, The Fall of the 1964 Phillies".


9-2-18 I found this video called "MLB Bullpen Bloopers". Watching it I found that it wasn't really bloopers but things that happen in the bull pen. It's still pretty good but not a blooper reel. I hope you enjoy it.