An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

6-17-18 Remember Pasqual Perez of the Expo's. He loved to get under the skin of the other team. Here's a game where he got hit by a line drive that deflected off him. He didn't care for it and ended up throwing a ball in the Cubs dugout. Manager Don Zimmer didn't like those antics. I don't think I've seen a pitcher throw a ball into the opponents dugout before. Check out "Perez to the Cubs Bench".


6-24-18 Did you know Cincinnati once had 2 teams. Neither did I. And both teams were named the Cincinnati Reds. It was a few years ago, 1891. Back in the day when leagues came and went, players and teams moved between the leagues and baseball was a far different game. Here is the story of the Cincinnati Reds that didn't survive. Enjoy, "Kelly's Killers, Cincinnati's Forgotten Baseball Team, Part 1".


7-1-18 This week we will continue with "Kelly's Killers, Cincinnati's Forgotten Baseball Team". Last week we saw part 1 of the Cincinnati Reds of the American Association in 1891. This week enjoy part 2 featuring Hall of Famer Michael "King" Kelly. There is also the story of both teams getting arrested during the game for playing baseball on a Sunday.


7-8-18 Baseball fights come in all sorts of varieties. Most are pretty dull where maybe one guy throws a wild punch that doesn't hit anything. But once in a while there is a real brawl. One where guys really get at it. Some fights are so weird they are not even caused by someone throwing at someone. To that end I bring you "Cardinals and Reds Engage in a Wild Brawl".


7-15-18 A baseball game has a relaxing, sometimes slow rhythm. One result of that is that baseball players have a lot of time to kill. When a bunch of guys get together with time to kill you know there will some pranks and shenanigans going on. Here is a video of "MLB Hilarious Dugout Pranks".


7-22-18 When one thinks about baseball fights involving the New York Yankee's the opponent that immediately comes to mind is the Boston Red Sox. Well the Yankee's (or Red Sox) do not have an exclusive fight relationship. A while back the Yankee's really got into it with the Toronto Blue Jays. By the way, doesn't it seem that Roger Clemens is involved in a lot of these. Check out the "Yankee's, Blue Jays Empty the Benches".