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5-6-18 We are up to episode 4 of the American Classic Park series. This episode, Fenway Park. The oldest park in the majors it is beloved in New England. There are poles blocking views, narrow seats, terrible bathrooms but the coziness and quirkiness make it a great park. Let's just get started with "American Classic Ballparks, Fenway Park".


5-13-18 Today is Mother's Day. I thought it was only fitting to find a video that tied baseball and Mother's Day together. I think I found a good one. Here is Bryce Harper's Mother's Day Letter to Mom as featured on ESPN Stories. I hope you enjoy it and thanks Mom.


5-20-18 I like Bob Uecker. You don't see many highlights where the Uke calls the action. I found one highlight where Uecker started out calling baseball and ended up call wrestling. Milwaukee and Seattle had a fight at the Kingdome that as Uecker described was "not your usual baseball waltz". The fight restarted 4 times. Catcher BJ Surhoff even took off his catchers gear so he could return to the action. Here is "Benches Clear at the Kingdome".


5-27-18 Here is another episode of the classic ballpark series. Episode 5 features Wrigley Field. Back in 1987 I made a trip to Chicago specifically to see Wrigley Field before they added the lights. It was a great experience. We saw games on 2 days there and thought the park was great. A little bit like Fenway but even more rustic at the time. You can't beat daytime baseball. Too bad they had to add lights for today's fans and television money. Here is episode 5 of "America's Classic Ballparks, Wrigley Field".


6-3-18 Here is another baseball brawl. This time Tino Martinez gets drilled in the back. The Yankee's didn't really appreciate that and decided to let the Orioles know their opinion. What followed was a pretty intense brawl. It spilled into the dugout where the guys really went at it. Check it out yourself, "Tino Martinez Gets Drilled in the Back" .


6-10-18 This is the final episode of America's Classic Ballparks and is a little different than the others. The producers talk with Ted Williams and get his views about Fenway Park and other things. It is always great to hear Ted Williams talk baseball. Enjoy, "America's Classic Ballparks, Episode 6, Ted Williams".