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3-25-18 Last week I brought you a video of dirty plays. Well many times those dirty plays escalate into battles, baseball fights. On August 2, 1993 the Cubs and Pirates let out some "frustrations". It was an epic baseball brawl worth watching again. Here is the "Cubs Pirates Brawl, 8/2/93".


4-1-18 An early series of video's on this site featured old Home Run Derby episodes from the 1960's. I had posted all but 2 of the episodes when Yahoo took down the series of video's. Well, they're back. So this week we feature episode 25 defending champ Jackie Jensen versus Rocky Colavito. I love seeing these video's of baseball greats. "Home Run Derby, Jackie Jensen versus Rocky Colavito"


4-8-18 We finally complete the Home Run Derby episodes from the 1960. This last episode features Jackie Jensen and Mickey Mantle. Too bad they only had one season of this show. Looking back at all those early stars is priceless. I went back and updated the links for all the episodes. All 26 episodes can be viewed in the video archive. Who's going to prevail today. Lets check it out in "Home Run Derby, Jackie Jensen versus Mickey Mantle, episode 26"


4-15-18 The Major League baseball season is less than 3 weeks old but we've already seen some bad blood. There have been 4 or 5 brawls already. This week perennial rivals, the Red Sox and Yankees got into it. It was a minor fight, even by baseball standards but over the years these 2 teams have hooked up in a few epic fights. Remember Pedro Martinez taking down Don Zimmer. In 1967 there was another historic fight. In the middle of the playoff push tempers boiled over. Here is the "Red Sox vs Yankee fight of 1967".


4-22-18 This week we go back to the American Classic Park series. This episode is episode 3, Tiger Stadium. I made a car trip specifically to see the old Tiger stadium before they tore it down. We had great seats, between the 3rd base dugout and home plate about 10 rows back. My lasting impression of the park was how close home plate was to the back wall, it seemed like 20 feet. That made the seats seem even better. At the time the owner of Domino's owned the Tigers and yes, they delivered Domino's pizza right to your seat. From where we sat the right field overhang also seemed pretty close. In all, it was a great park. Enough of my thoughts, here is "America's Classic Ballparks, Tiger Stadium".


4-29-18 Here is another baseball fight. I have a classic here. It goes back quite a few years. I guess I'll show my age and say I remember this one when it happened. Claudell Washington versus Mario Soto. Check it out.