An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

2-11-18 I love the old ball parks. The unique shapes, The old brick. Even the advertising seemed to be better. The atmosphere can't be beat. I found a collection of video's featuring the old time parks. Here is the first episode, "The Story of Americas Classic Ballparks". I'm proud to proclaim that I have seen games at each of the classic four presented here.


2-18-18 As we all make our final preparations for next weeks draft we fantasize about drafting the ultimate team. Wouldn't it be nice to draft 3 or 4 future Hall of Famer's next week. That would assure you a great team for quite a while. Well I have a collection of Hall of Famer's, a video with every Hall of Famer from Ruth through Griffey (2016). Sit back and enjoy.



2-25-18 Today is the Fly-By-Night Draft. I hope everyone had a good time and had a successful draft. Perhaps, possibly, maybe even draft a baseball immortal. The odds are against us. Of all the baseball players over time very very few earn the immortal tag. Being an engineer I thought I would calculate the odds of Roland Klee drafting an immortal. Given his "amazing" draft history and "immense" knowledge of baseball I calculated the odds of Klee drafting an immortal as 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That's 1 with 21 zeros. Thusly we know where not to look for an immortal, here is a video with some of the games immortals, simply titled "The Immortals".



3-4-18 Watching last weeks FBN draft I couldn't help but smile at our little Glen Boucher versus Roland Klee feud. Bruuutall. Pleeeeeze. Just kidding guys. We know it is all in good fun. The same can't be said about some of the MLB feuds. Tony LaRussa and Dusty Baker are not the best of friends. Check out the "Dusty Baker - Tony LaRussa Spat 9/3/03"



3-11-18 Regular watchers of these videos know I like the old time ballparks. I found a nice series of videos showcasing the last of the old parks that were still in existence around the turn of the century. I showed the first episode, "The Story of America's Classic Ballparks a month ago. Here is the second episode. It features a forgotten old park, Chicago's Comiskey Park. Since these video's Comiskey has been torn down and rebuilt but before the rebuild it was a classic park. I am proud to say I saw 2 games in this park. With no further ado I bring you "Americas Classic Ballparks, Episode 2 Comiskey Park".


3-18-18 I played Roland face to face this week and the subject of Dustin Pedroia's knee injury came up. I was watching on television when Manny Machado took out Pedroia's knee in what I thought was clearly a real dirty play. Pedroia was stretching from 2nd base toward deep shortstop when Machado slid through the base and took out his knee. The play was nothing new though. Over the years there has been plenty of dirty plays in baseball. Here is video of a collection of "MLB Dirty Plays".