An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

12-24-17 On December 22 the sports world was saddened upon hearing the news of the passing of Dick Enberg. While Vin Scully had a more famous baseball broadcasting career Dick Enberg was the ultimate broadcaster. He did baseball, football, basketball, tennis, the Olympics and many more sports. In fact he is in the hall of fame in baseball, football and basketball. How many people can make that claim. He also hosted "Sports Challenge", several of the episodes can be found in our video archive. Here is a nice video on "Dick Enberg's Love of Baseball"


12-31-17 I just got finished reading Roland Klee's biography and of course it left me laughing. Then I starting thinking about this weeks video. Roland Klee is kind of the FBN mascot. How about a video about mascots. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes goofy and sometime clumsy. Just like Roland. So here is "Major League Baseballs Funniest Mascots".


1-7-18 There have been some great teams in baseball over the decades. The 1927 Yankees immediately comes to mind. There are a bunch of other teams though. A great team that most everyone forgets about is the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals, the "Gashouse Gang". Here is nice video featuring the Gashouse Gang.


1-14-18 I can never get enough of Vin Scully. Just hearing his voice reminds me of baseball. He is so smooth and unassuming. He is the ultimate professional. Here is an interview of Vin Scully by Michael Kay on the Yes network.


1-21-18 Sometimes baseball players can get nasty. They want to protect each other and pitchers start to head hunt. Pedro Martinez was one guy known to "throw inside". In the AL, with the designated hitter he was usually protected in that he didn't have to bat. However, that was not always the case. He started his career in the NL. See what happens when Pedro had to bat.


1-28-18 The baseball season is a long season. Long days of travel, training, practice and games. Sometimes weird stuff happens. Weird enough to laugh at. Here is a nice video of "Major League Baseballs Best Bloopers of 2016".


2-4-18 Sometimes a baseball fight is set off by a relatively minor thing. Usually it is something that carries over from a previous incident. In this video, one of the greatest baseball fights of all times, nobody was hit by a pitch. You can tell the umps sensed something was about to happen though. What made this one of the best fights is that the players were not the main combatants. Check out "Greatest Baseball Fights, Cardinals versus Giants 7/22/1986"