An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

11-12-17 Pitching inside. It has been around as long as baseball has been around. And sometime pitching inside means hitting a batter. The pitcher will always say it was an accident. Or was it? Here is a vidoe of the "Worst Intentional Hit by Pitch".


11-19-17 I've shown a bunch of Hall of Fame induction speeches lately. I have found some rare old Hall of Fame footage showing the dedication of the Hall of Fame. The Hall was dedicated in 1939 but the first Hall of Fame Class was 1936. The 1939 dedication featured players from the first four Hall of Fame classes. This was a who's who of old time baseball. Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner, Cy Young, Connie Mack and Eddie Collins were just a few of the original stars. Check it out.


11-26-17 2017 was the year of the home run. It seemed like everyone was hitting the long ball. It almost became routine. The longest of the long balls still make guys sit up an take notice though. Here is a video of the "25 Longest Home Runs of the Decade (2010-2017)".


12-3-17 With the retirement of Vin Scully the new king of the media might be Peter Gammons. Gammons provides a unique look at the game and has all sorts of contacts in the sport. He started as a newspaper beat writer and now does television in addition to his writing. One of the most respected men in baseball he sat down and talked Hall of Fame and more on January 18, 2017.


12-10-17 The baseball season is a long season. Months of games means almost everything happens. Most of the time it is routine but sometimes something weird happens. The unique, strange, or just plain crazy. These are the "What in the World Moments".


12-17-17 The "Say Hey Kid" was one of the greatest of all time. Offense, defense, speed, power, and arm he might have been the model for the 5 tool player. He also had such a love for the game. One of the pioneers of black players in baseball he also had to put up with the racial makeup of the times. He was indeed great. Here is a video titled "Rolling through the Reels".