An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

8-20-17 For most of New Englanders the classic baseball rivalry is the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees. For many decades these two teams have fought tooth and nail. Most of their games have been important games with playoff implications so the games have been heated. Back in 1967, the Red Sox "Impossible Dream" season the teams had a classic brawl. Here it is.


8-27-17 A pioneer for the Latin American baseball player was Juan Marichal. A dominant pitcher during his time he also had a bit of a temper on the mound. He was known to be a head hunter and was involved in more than a few brawls. If you saw his famous leg kick you would immediately know the Juan Marichal, one of the great pitchers was on the mound. Here is his Hall of Fame induction speech.


9-3-17 Everyone makes a mistake sometimes. In baseball that mistake could end up as a defensive error. Most errors are routine, minor misplays that really should have been made. Sometimes though, the error is strange or bizarre. Things you say to yourself that you don't see that often. Here are some of baseballs "Worst Errors".


9-10-17 Looking back as some of our videos I noticed that we haven't really presented much on one of the all time greatest outfielders of all time. I'm thinking of Hank Aaron. Not only a tremendous baseball player he also helped break the color barrier in baseball. After his amazing career, 755 home runs plus a whole lot more he then went on and had a decent front office career. Here is Hank Aaron's Hall of Fame induction speech.


9-17-17 This week we had some really rare things happen in the FBN. A no-hitter and the historic 6 home run game by Josh Donaldson. Rare things happen. When it does it makes everyone sit up and take notice. Here are some of "MLB Rarest Plays".


9-24-17 Any conversation about the best baseball catchers of all time must include Johnny Bench. During his prime he was really special. Part of the Big Red Machine he hit over 30 home runs a season and always had a good batting average. And defense, how about 1 range and a -5 arm. You didn't run on Johnny Bench. Naturally he is in the Hall of Fame. Here is Johnny Bench's Hall of Fame Induction speech.