An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

7-2-17 A lot of things can happen on a baseball field. We are used to seeing the routine and the great plays. A lot of things happen in the stands too. Good fan catches, cute babies, rabid fans. You can see it all. Sometime nature even interrupts a game. The occasional critter can really liven up the place. Here's a video of "Animals on the Field". .


7-9-17 Some guys stand out and become stars on the field. Other guys are just average on the field but really make their mark as broadcasters. Bob Uecker is one of those guys. He even ended up in movies and had his own television show all because he was special in front of a microphone. Here is Bob Uecker's Hall of Fame induction speech.


7-16-17 This week we saw some amazing home runs during the All-Star games Home Run Derby. Ofcourse this was an exhibition with questionable bats and balls and soft toss pitches. What we really want to see are tremendous home runs in real games. Real pitchers, legal bats, legal base balls. Sometimes a guy really gets hold of one and hits a gigantic 500 foot bomb. Here is a video featuring "500 Foot Home Runs"..


7-23-17 There have been some great players throughout the years that people pretty much forget about. Hall of Fame caliber players. There is a Chicago Cub that most of us saw play and most of us have pretty much forgotten about. I'm talking Ron Santo. Ron was a regular All-Star. He was a team leader and one of the best at his position but he never really made a splash. Here is Ron Santo's Hall of Fame Interview.


7-30-17 There are some great interviews on television and radio. You get some insight into players that you would not normally get. Jose Canseco did a guest piece on Hurt and Hustle, Frank Thomas' and Pete Rose's show. Two of baseballs "villians" talk about the Hall of Fame and baseball "standards"; while joking around.


8-6-17 During the 2017 all star game several players wore microphones. This is the first time a live mike was used on players actually playing but players and coaches have been miked for many years. The mike picked up some pretty cool stuff over the years. Remember some of the managers rants. Here is a neat video entitled "On the Mic".


8-13-17 We hear stuff from players and managers all the time. One group that we rarely hear from has a huge role on the team. That group is the scouts. Us FBNers have a little taste of how tough the job is when we do our preseason draft prep. But we do not have to project 16 year old kids. We get to see minor and major league stats. Here is an interview with Hall of Fame scout Gary Hughes.