An Archive of Video clips for Your Enjoyment

5-21-17 Fool the other guy. Whether its playing a ball off the wall, faking a catch or covering a base if you can fool the other guy into letting up it might put your team at an advantage. The poor base runners, everyone is trying to fool them. Here are some "Fake Outs".


5-28-17 Here is a rare interview with one of the games immortal players, Ty Cobb. One of the games greatest players he was also one one the game least liked players. He was a bigot and would routinely spike opponents. He was also a great business man, one of the early investors in a little soda pop company, Coca-Cola.


6-4-17 and 6-11-17 No videos posted due to website issues.


6-18-17 Sometimes you need to be creative on the ball field. You need to something out of the ordinary to make the play. Sometimes it is just outstanding athleticism, sometimes it is just a creative mind. Here are some of baseballs "Most Creative Plays".


6-25-17 Here is another player interview. This time with a MLB and FBN Hall of Famer, Ken Griffey Jr. Jr. dominated for Farmington Valley (now Milford) for many years in the FBN, A #1 overall draft pick he was a natural. Offense, defense, power, average, throwing arm, he could do it all. Here is his Baseball Hall of Fame interview. Enjoy!